Drooling Over Hermes Clic Clacs

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saw this picture of Shey Tan in Instagram and I just love her Hermes Clic clacs:
Snagged from Shey Tan's IG
I love the daintiness and subtleness of the color, it is just so very nice and relaxing to look at. But just like what my friends are saying, these clic clacs are lovely to look at but very heavy on the pocket as it costs around $600 - $700 so there is really no way that I can ever afford this. LOL.

Or even if I have the money, I think I would rather invest it on real and precious metals like a gold bracelet or platinum ring which have some real value and can be easily sold or pawned. LOL. (Or maybe I am just bitter that I can’t have these cute Hermes clic clacs. LOL).