Bela's Photo Shoot

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is the first of the two attempts that we had this week for Bela’s photo shoot in preparation for her birthday. Hubby wants to do this ASAP as he will be busy the coming months that he wants to finish Bela’s MTV and AVP the soonest.

Hubby went home early last Monday and he setup a studio in our living room for the photo shoot. But the shoot was a failure because:

(1) Bela was not in the mood as she just came from school so she is tired and sleepy already by the time they started the photo shoot.
(2) Cobi wants to have his pictures taken too that she joins her sister during the shoot.

That is why I told hubby that we should find the best basement carpet so we can have the photo shoot there, without Cobi (lol), and we will do it during the weekend so Bela will surely be in the mood.

We plan to do another photo shoot this Sunday and we are also inviting my cousin to shoot the video too to make the behind-the-scenes MTV. Now I am really getting excited for Bela’s birthday party.


Mich said...

Ang tyaga ni Daddy Howell! I can't wait for the photos, I'm sure maganda lahat :)

Suzanne said...

Gotta love Howell's determination! :) Ganda ni Bela!

jennyL said...

super supportive at madetalye din si HOwell no/? for sure Bella's birthday will be a blast

Dez said...

Pretty Bela!

Buge said...

Pretty Bella!