The Scholastican Bracelet from SilverWorks

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last year, the administrators of St. Scholastica was very thankful with the Grade School Parents Association (GSPA), as they were able to do a lot of activities to raise funds to help the school buy equipments like stacking church chairs, LED TV for all classrooms, LCD projectors, laptops, wireless microphone and a lot more.

I am one of the homeroom officers last year but I must admit that I was not that active as I don’t have a lot of vacation leaves left to take off from work so I can help out the GSPA board as most of their activities and meetings are scheduled on a weekday. But I try to extend my help, by supporting almost all the projects that they launched last year.

Just today, I saw a post of Daphne Osena, who is a Scholastican herself about the special edition St. Scholastica bracelet available from Silverworks. This is a fund raising project of St. Scholastica's College Manila High School Batch 88 and the proceeds will support SSC Manila Batch 88 Scholarship Fund.

The bracelet has a diameter of 6.5" inches when not stretched and it has a Cecilia Hall and Scholastican charms. You can purchase the bracelet for P1,500 online and in Silverworks store.