iPhone 5

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Have you heard the news about the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5? I read that it is rumored to be release this September and I am excited because I can get a new phone again by availing of the retention program from Globe.

I got my iPhone 4S January 2012 through Globe’s retention program also and I am only paying for a minimal fee every month for the unit. Hubby’s line subscription is up for renewal already but we are not getting an iPhone 4S as we are saving it so we can avail of the iPhone 5 instead when it gets released.

What we have agreed upon is that I will get the new iPhone 5 and hubby will get my old iPhone 4S. Tricky huh? That is love. LOL. Hubby is not really into gadgets and high tech phones and if he were to choose, he would prefer an old simple phone as he tends to loose it. Would you believe he lost 2 iPhones already not to mention the other models of cell phones that he lost in the past? That is why he is okay to get the old iPhone and I will get the new one. LOL.

But I will just buy new phone Accessories for the iPhone 4S, so at least there is still something new about the phone before I give it to hubby.

They say that the new iPhone 5 is waterproof with a much better retina display and I am so excited. Hope it gets released here in the Philippines just a few weeks after its rumored US release in September.