Botang Maliit Para Kay Bulilit

Friday, August 24, 2012

I have been going to Ulingan in Tondo as one of the volunteers of Project PEARLS since March of this year and I am happy every time I get to influence friends to join our advocacy.

Last August 18, my good friend Ate Annie and her daughter went with us to join our Saturday feeding in Ulingan to observe as they are planning to conduct an art workshop for the kids. My friend’s daughter can’t believe the plight of the kids in Ulingan and she really wanted to do something for the kids.

One of the first project (and I am sure there will be more) that she launched was a Rain boot Challenge where she is soliciting to get 700 rain boots in 30 days: 

She created this page in Facebook so those who would want to donate can get details and where we can get updates too on the status of the challenge.

So summon your sharing powers, contact the following people below if you want to donate: