Vivienne Westwood Mary Jane

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The past months, my shopping loots are all things for our new home like omnimount TV Stands, new living room set, oven, and more. This is because we have to invest on new things when we moved to our new home less than a year ago.

It was only lately that I was able to do a little shopping for myself (thanks to my sideline). And one of my latest shopping finds is my new Melissa Mary Jane:
It is actually on sale as I will not be buying it if it were not (LOL). I was choosing between the pink and the yellow but since the price is really irresistible (almost 80% off than the original price), I decided to get both colors.
I actually wore it already last Saturday and I am really loving it. Though I can only wear it when I am not with my kids as I don’t think I can afford to run after my kids while wearing this high-heeled Mary Jane.