Upcoming Events for Sweet Royals

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The past weeks, the crew of Sweet Royals Candy/Dessert Buffet service has been really busy with our marketing and our efforts paid off as our stats in Facebook went up:

We did not really promote this business at first and we just rely on word of mouth to make the business known but since competition is though with all the other suppliers offering the same service, we decided that we should work double time to attract clients for Sweet Royals and that’s what we have been doing. Thanks to all our friends, families, clients who constantly visit, like and share our Facebook page.

And we are happy because we booked two events for this week alone and we have been receiving a lot of inquires everyday. Keep them coming guys and thank you for the love and trust.

Watch out for the following upcoming events from Sweet Royals:

Aug 19 – Care Bears Theme 
Sept 29 – Barbie Fairytale 
Oct 28 – Sweet and Dainty Candy Theme

We will be launching our first dessert station on our August 19 party so watch out for the pictures.