Tyler and Lopez Leaving AI

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I don’t religiously watch all the seasons of American Idol but there have been some seasons, especially if I like the contestants that I was able to watch from the auditions up to the finale. I specifically like the last two seasons where Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez became part of the judges.

Some say that they would rather have Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell back as Steve and Jennifer don’t really know how to be a real judge. They appear to be scared to criticize the contestants as everything that they say are all praises which is not helping the contestants to grow and learn.

But I like the new aura that they were able to bring to the show. Steve is the cool guy who always have the funniest words to say while Jennifer stands like a proud mom for all the contestants. That is why I felt really sad when I heard the news that the two are leaving the show.

Steve Tyler was the first to announce his resignation and just recently, Jennifer confirmed her decision to leave the show when she called Ryan Seacrest in his morning show. Both said that they love American Idol dearly but they have some other things that they need to do which was put on hold because of AI.

I wonder who will become the new judges for the next season and if ever they will be able to equal the Steve Tyler – Jennifer Lopez – Randy Jackson trio.