Sweet Royals: Candy/Dessert Buffet

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Because I have been inspired by my friends Mai of Dainty Ashley, Suzanne of Clay Crafts Studio, Litzie of Borsa Limited, Kerslyn of Cutesy Patootsie, and Kathy of Ksnaps, I got inspired too to really promote our Candy Buffet Service, the Sweet Royals.

We launched Sweet Royals October of 2011 during the first birthday party of my niece. My sister in law decided to make her own candy buffet instead of getting it form suppliers (which is really expensive). The Candy buffet was a huge hit during the party that we decided to turn it into a business.

Sweet Royals offer different packages that will suit your every budget and we can customize the design of of the buffet station based on your theme.

Here are some of our recent parties:

We will soon be adding more candy choices and we will even add pastries and more desserts so watch out for it.

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For inquiries and more details about the packages, kindly contact any of the following:

Grace - 0917-360-0117 
Tessa - 0927-548-5767 
Vien - 0917-522-8436 
Abie - 0917-584-2934

Or send us an email to sweetroyals@yahoo.com