New Baby

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I received the good news that my good friend from High School just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I texted my other friends and we were supposed to visit her last week. Unfortunately, we all had conflict in schedule that day – I can’t leave the kids at home as my mom is not feeling well, my two friends have work that day and my other friend has to attend to some family matters.

Well, nothing is really new as it is really difficult to set up a schedule with my High School friends. The last time we saw each other was more than two years ago already since we always can’t find a good date where all of us are free for a meet up.

And looks like it will be the same again for this situation. Last time we talked, we agreed that we will just visit our friend at their house this weekend but I got so busy also that I was not able to make a follow up with my other friends.

I guess I just have to send my friend something like Shari's Berries fruit baskets as our congratulatory and get well soon gift to her. And then hopefully, my friends and I will be able to free up a certain date and time next week to visit my friend so we can finally see her new baby.