On Jewelries

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have been keeping my earring in my jewelry box for a couple of years now. Last December, we got a new yaya who is the daughter of my mom’s friend. I actually have bad feelings for this girl but my mom has recommended her, so I just ignored my gut feel.

On the eve of Christmas when the house was very busy, the yaya disappeared and it was only the next day when I thought of my jewelry box and alas, it was gone. It contained my earrings and Bela’s necklace and bangles.

Even if I don’t use an analytical balance, I will know the true value of these jewelries, as these are gifts from my parents so it has a sentimental value.

I got mad and depressed, but then I realized that these are just material possessions. I am thankful because the yaya decided to just get these jewelries rather than hurting my kids or take them with her.

With the right timing, these material possessions can be easily replaced. Now if only I have the extra budget now, this will be a good replacement to my missing jewelry:
Snagged from my friend, i_am_cynch, Instragram account.