The New Me

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have very tick and wavy hair that I always need to get a regular hair treatment like a hair rebond to make it more manageable. But ever since I got pregnant, I refrain from having any hair treatment, as I don’t want to risk the bad effects that it might do to my pregnancy.

But even after giving birth, I still did not have any hair treatment because I was breastfeeding. But I can no longer take my unruly and unmanageable hair and so I asked around and did some reading and I learned that hair rebonding has no known side effects even if I am breastfeeding.

So last week, I was able to find time and visit a salon (which is just below our house. LOL) and I had my hair rebonded after almost three years and this is now my new look:
Ang gaan gaan ng feeling

I forgot already how it feels to have soft and manageable hair because it has been ages since I last have this kind of hair and I am really loving my new look.