My Joys

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some of my joys recently:

  • The best ebook that I have in my iBook account, which keeps me, company on my commute home
  • Our last weekend in Tagaytay 
  • 2 days of just staying at home as I need to rest because I was sick 
  • Anticipating the long weekend 
  • Another opportunity for a short vacation with my lovely family
and of course my favorite, my new shoes:
My Melissa Vivienne Westwood boots. I saw this from my sister and I told her that I really have to have this as I need one every time I go to Ulingan, especially now that it is already the rainy season. And I was so excited when my sister went home one night with these lovely boots.

My husband was smiling when he saw it and he even ask me if the gold buttons are really necessary when I first wore it last Saturday when we went to Ulingan. LOL.