Human Nature Loots

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If hubby has been checking out RC cars lately, I on the other hand are happy with my loots from Human Nature:

I have heard about Human Nature from friends who have tried out their products. They highly recommend it as it is made from organic materials so it is guaranteed to be safe and it is a Filipino product too.

I have been meaning to check out their site but I can’t seem to access it from my iPhone. So I got really excited when my officemate showed her Human Nature brochure to me.

I quickly scanned through the images and end up ordering hydrating facial wash and toner, mineral powder, and conditioner for me and citronella bug spray and shampoo and body wash for the kids.

I have tried the facial wash, toner and powder already and so far I am happy with it and looks like my skin is too. My mom doesn’t like the smell of the citronella bug spray though but I told her that at least it is organic.

Looks like this will turn into another addiction of mine. LOL.