How Can Location-Based Services Help a Company’s SEO and Marketing Strategy

Friday, May 18, 2012

They say that you still live in the stone age if up to now, you still don’t own a mobile phone. Almost everybody carries a mobile phone with them and these gadgets are getting sophisticated everyday as it is not just use for sending SMS and calling because it also offers a lot of additional features like allowing its user to surf the net, send emails, play online games, use different mobile applications, take pictures and more.

Another great feature that most mobile phones are equipped with now is its GPS capability. GPS can show a person’s real time location and because of this added functionality on cell phones, many developers have made applications that will utilize this GPS capability.

Some of these location-based services apps include FourSquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Facebook places and more. What this application does is it tracks the current location of the mobile phone user and it allows the user to search for nearby establishments and “checked-in” and all of the user's contacts on the same network are made aware of his/her location. Mobile phone users have used these applications as a great way to locate services like shops, restaurants, salons and the like and interact with their friends like organize a meet up after seeing friends who are in the same location. This provided an added convenience for mobile phone users but these location-based services not only benefits users, but it can help businesses as well.

Most companies now have established their own website or Facebook page to showcase and promote their products their services. These companies have been employing strategies and tools that will improve their site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so they can get better positioning in the different search engines when consumers try to search for something. Companies employ these different SEO strategies to get notice and catch the attention of consumers that will eventually draw revenue for the business and these location based-applications can help in achieving that.

So how can these location-based applications help a business?

Foursquare is one of the first location-based applications that have been developed and is the most popular because it has the most number of users. In FourSquare, users “checks-in” to a location and the user’s real-time location will get published and will be seen by the users’ contacts in the different social networking sites. Also, users who “checks-in” the most to an establishment will get a reward and will earn the badge of being the mayor of the location and these mayors should be treated with special attention by business owners as they are the ones who has the most influence to promote your business. Users in these location-based networks can share feedbacks and tips that other user in the network can view and rely on when searching for any products and services.

These different activities in the location-based networks are an instant boost to the company’s marketing strategy then. Once any of the users of location-based service post his or her location by “checking in”, it gets shared to all the contacts, which is an instant promotion of the business. It therefore produces real time results as it can drive traffic to the company’s website and can influence the customer to go to the physical location of the establishment.

These location-based applications is also linked to various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, so all “check-ins” get published in these sites as well. This can improve a site’s SEO as it helps in getting the website of the company gets index by Google faster as links shared in these social networking sites is also being considered by Google in their algorithm when determining a site’s ranking. So the more mentions your site have, the faster it will get index and the better will be your site’s ranking.

Location-based services available for mobile phone users have proven to be an effective way to help improve a company’s SEO and marketing strategies. Since more and more people reply on their mobile phones for their day-to-day activities, businesses must really find ways to maximize the benefits that these location-based applications can do to their business to promote their products and services and eventually bring revenue for their company.

Author’s Bio: Abie is a Technology blogger and article writer. Her current project is for the website, where you can avail of professional t-shirt printing.