What Your Bag Says About You

Monday, April 23, 2012

Are you interested to know what your chosen “IT” bag says about your personality? Just take a look at this, which I found in Pinterest from refinery29.com: 

This is really funny because in a way, there is really some truth to it. I especially like the one for the Cambridge Satchel because I have long been eyeing to get the purple one for myself. It says that it is the preferred bag by bloggers and editors under 30 (well because bloggers like me can only afford this bag. LOL).

Looking at the picture, my next bag of choice should then be a Celine bag as I am a working girl who caries in her bag more than just a cell phone and lip-gloss as I have in my purse all my credit cad bills, my big bottle of perfume, umbrella, and more clutter.

Thanks for this, I finally was able to figure out which bag best suits me. Now if only I have the budget to buy a Celine. LOL.