The Case of the Lost Bag

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Saturday, we attended the beautiful party of Margaux at Blue Leaf in Mckinley Hill. As what we always do, we always leave our things on our assigned table as the moms and dads attend to their kids during the games, during eating time, as we do our part in being stage parents during the fashion show and more.

When the party ended and it is time for us to go home, we were surprised when a friend told us that her bag is missing. We looked everywhere, under the adult table, in the kids’ area, etc. I thought that it was a joke when I learned about it but minutes passed and still no bag, and so that is when I realized that it is true.

The bag contains wallets, makeup, jewelries and even rechargeable batteries and it is gone. Thankfully my friend was able to save her iPhone as she was using it to take pictures of her kids and her iPad as her husband was using it during the party.

We all learned our lesson after the event. This is a very bitter and painful way to learn that lesson. But we are all thankful that it is just a material thing that was lost and nobody got hurt. At least we know better next time.