7 Pounds Down

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Before and After:

MARCH PAD 20/31: Before/ After

From 125 pounds to 117 pounds. Thanks to the Calorie Counting diet that my good friend Jody recommended to me.

I had a hard time at first maintaining the 1200 daily calorie. On my first few weeks, I always exceed my daily calorie limit but after a while, my body learned to adjust. I even was able to avoid sodas which I can’t live without before so I am really happy as this is a healthy change for me.

My target is to reach 110 pounds which is my pre-pregnancy weight but my parents and my husband are telling me that I am too thin already.

But with the upcoming long weekend, I am sure I will be pigging out again as my aunt and my grand mother will surely prepare a lot of food, which what they usually do when all us are together.