Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is my entry for March’s Photo-a-day Theme Sunglasses:

MARCH PAD 16/31: Sunglasses - I never really invest on sunglasses before. I2i lang ok na ako. Pero nakakahilo sya at madali masira. Hehe. Ang 1st investment ko ng sunglasses, was the one on the right. Mango shades na mura pa din. My aviator ang 2nd big in

I never really invest on good sunnies. I only buy those i2i shades as I rarely use it anyways and I only would want one if we will go to the beach. My first real investment for shades was the one on the right. It was a Mango sunnies and I think I even got it on sale. This shade has gone a long way already and has traveled with me to Europe and US but then I dropped it and it made a dent on the lens.

I know I need good quality shades as I experience eye problems when my cornea got infected after having sore eyes and so I thought that I should give myself a price and finally decided to invest on quality shades and Rayban was my choice.

DJ Mo Twister said that it has been proven that shades can improve the way you look by 15%. 25% if it an Aviator. LOL. This is a joke but I believe that I feel more confident (since it hides my eye bags. LOL) every time I am wearing my Aviator and I am glad I made the investment.