Steps to Undertake when Arrested for Drunk Driving

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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On a first time DUI arrest, things can get scary. You may never have been to jail, and you have no idea where to turn or what to do. The first thing to do is sober up and calm down. Once you are level-headed, you can begin to deal with the situation. Call a trusted friend or family member, and contact a lawyer. Each state handles DUI charges differently, but a few things are consistent no matter where you received the DUI charges.

Step One
Find out exactly what you are charged with. It may be a simple DUI, but if you resisted your arrest or had possession of any illegal substances or items, the charges may be more complicated. Make sure you understand what you're charged with so you can proceed the correct way. Officers are legally obligated to tell you the charges against you.

Step Two
Contact a lawyer at Do not discuss the details of the case with your friends or family over the phone at the courthouse or jail, because these lines are not secure and whatever you say there can be used against you in court. Wait until you are alone with your lawyer to explain the situation and your side of the story. Your lawyer will advise you about who else you can speak with and what information is okay to tell.

Step Three
Your attorney, family or friends can help you post bail. Once you're out of jail, you should be very careful to stay out of any more trouble. Judges are more lenient when a person makes a one time mistake, but when drinking and driving or other alcohol related problems become recurrent issues, you can end up in much more serious trouble. Stay out of bars and away from parties or other events where alcohol is being served.

Step Four
Make all your court appearances, meetings with your lawyer and other required hearings or meetings on time. If you appear to take responsibility for your dilemma and are willing to make things right, you'll get far more understanding from the judge. Act in a way that appears you are serious about facing the issues and are willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Step Five
If drinking is a serious problem for you, you need to consider getting help. A single DUI after an office party is one thing, but habitual problems at work, in school, in personal relationships and with the law due to drinking is an indication of alcoholism. If you drink to excess frequently, you could end up in prison or worse. Get help before your DUI arrest leads to something more serious.