Shopping for the Perfect Lippie

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I’m no makeup expert here and I only rely on tips from friends when it comes to buying my own makeup but I started shopping for a lippie last year and I got hooked. Thanks to my online friends, I was able to get a couple of ideas on what color to buy. But I realized that it’s not easy buying a lippie online. You can’t try it out on your lips so you are not even sure if it would fit your look. This is my #1 lesson learned. Never buy a lippie online especially if it’s a new color that you are purchasing. Make sure that you buy from a mall and try a couple of swatches.

As for choosing the right color for you, it depends on what you really like or what outfit you always wear. If you are always on the safe side, go for the color that would blend in your lips. Don't go more than a couple of shades lighter or darker than your natural lip color. Consider your skin tone too. If you have fair skin, go for colors with blue undertones, especially roses and pinks. With olive skin warm plums and can pull off beiges would be nice. And with dark skin choose deep, deep crimsons. Of course you will have to consider your hair color too. The lighter your hair color is, the brighter your lip color will look.

Because of things like this confirm that it’s really fun being a girl!

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