Gown by Farley de Castro

Friday, March 9, 2012

My gown for tomorrow:

For my cousin's wedding on Sat. Wag pansinin ang kilikili ko. Papatahi ko pa yan sa mananahi ko sa next fitting namin. Hehe.

I had it made by my favorite Farley de Castro. I have known Farley during my w@w days and he was the one who made the gowns of all my relatives for our wedding. Since then I always come to him if I need cocktail dress or formal wear for weddings and for events at the office that I need to attend.

I love the quality of his gowns. The beadworks are very beautiful and is well fitted that I don’t need a vhb tape to hold it together. LOL. And the best part is it is very affordable.

That is why when I learned that my cousin is getting married, I know that I will turn to Farley again for the gown that I will be wearing for the wedding. And my aunts and cousins all had their gowns made by Farley too and they are all happy with the finish product.

We are all so excited to dress up tomorrow and be with our cousin as he says I do to the love of his life.