Bags for Sale

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ok, ok I know I promised that I would be on a self-imposed purse ban for the next couple of years but I can’t take my eyes off these beauties:

These are some of the items that my friend Faye is selling. The price is really a steal and her terms are really good so I am really thinking to get it as my Christmas and birthday present for myself.

The items are still not here in Manila but my friend has already shipped it. My friend don’t have the dimensions of the bags as she forgot to take note of it before shipping it but I want to know how big the bag is before I really commit on buying it as I want big purses to hold all my clutter in my bags. LOL.

Hubby said that he would pay for it as his gift for me. I could have easily grabbed his offer but I still have to think about it really, really hard. See, I am learning now not to be an impulsive shopper. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name's lovelynn and i am from manila. just stumbled upon your blog and read about this post. may i ask if your friend has an online site in which she sells bags?? or a facebook page where other people can browse? would really appreciate if you can reply to my email at thanks in advance.