Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to get a nice tan?

Use mobile spray tanning equipment? Or maybe I should hit the beach and sport this nice aviator:

FEB PAD 10/29: Self Portrait - Trying Rayban Aviator.

I was at the mall last Friday while waiting for Bela’s Kumon class to finish and so I was able to try on shades from Rayban and Kenneth Cole. I have long been planning to invest on a good sunnies. I actually wanted to buy in the outlet store when we last went to the US but I lost interest when hubby said that it does not look good on me and is suggesting other models. (Hmmp).

But I really like the aviator (or at least something that has a similar shape) so up to now, my eyes are still set on the Aviator. I posted this picture on my Instagram account and my friends said that it looks good on me (contrary to hubby’s outlook. LOL).

This is being offered at 0% interest for 6 months. Should I get it or not? Summer is just around the corner and for sure I will make good use of this shade when we hit the beach for our family and friends’ outing.