One Saturday in Binondo with my GirlFriends

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Since I am not sure if I can take a vacation leave from work on January 23, where my friends will be meeting up to celebrate Chinese New Year in Binondo, I decided to join Peachy and Thea on their meet up in Ongpin last week.

Peachy will be accompanying Thea to buy her lucky charms and bracelets in Binondo and they will have lunch after. So after Cobi’s class from Gymboree, we went straight to Binondo to meet up with the girls.

We had a sumptuous meal and we even had a lot of leftovers. As usual, we all enjoyed the food – fried chicken, beef with broccoli, hot prawn salad (my favorite), yang chow fried rice, and lots of dumplings.

After lunch, we separated ways and we went shopping for hubby’s lucky charms too in preparation for the Chinese New Year.

It was a very nice way to spend our weekends with good friend and good food.