My 18th Birthday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Now that my birthday celebration is finally over, I can start planning for Cobi’s 2nd birthday party which I plan to celebrate with the kids from Ulingan Village of Tondo. I am excited as I need to look for souvenirs for the party (Do you think profire yoyo will be a good gift for the Ulingan kids?), and book the venue which I plan to have in SM Storyland so the kids from Ulingan can enjoy the rides after the party.

But before I go into party planning mode, let me post here first my 18th (LOL) birthday celebration. I had a very simple birthday celebration with my family last Thursday. As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought vouchers of the Prestige Manila Bay Cruise a few months back which is expiring on the 27th so I decided to use it for my birthday celebration.

I had to think twice if this is a good way to celebrate my birthday as I heard a lot of bad reviews about the tour. But we did push through with the plan because (1) I don’t want to waste the vouchers and (2) my family is up for the adventure.

So hubby fetched me from work and we went straight to CCP and we will just wait for the rest of my family there. Hubby ate merienda first as he can’t wait for the 8 PM dinner while waiting for the rest of our companions.

Registration time is 7 PM for the 8 PM boarding but we tried inquiring if we can already register as I notice people are starting to arrive already and I am glad we did as we are the first in line.

By 7:30 PM my parents arrived together with my two precious kids and my brother with his family. Boarding started a little after 8 PM.

Boarding was organized as they will call the passengers by group according to the registration list so we were the first to board the ship and we got good seats. The cruise will go around Manila Bay area until Mall of Asia while having dinner. Dinner was served at 8:30 PM and the reviews are correct, there is really a long line for the buffet but the waiters offered to get food for my parents and my sister-in-law and I because we are carrying a baby. The food is just so-so, nothing really spectacular and they all taste the same.

But despite the odds, we still had a great time. We enjoyed the view on-board the cruise and nothing can be more precious than the time that I spent with my family on my birthday. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we eat as it is the company of my love ones that made my birthday special.