More Bday Celebration

Monday, January 30, 2012

Since budget is a little tight, I can’t afford to bring my entire family to the Manila Bay Cruise that we tried on my birthday. But of course I can’t miss celebrating my special day with my entire brood, so last January 22, I invited them over for a small pizza party at our house.

Since it also coincides with the Chinese New Year’s Eve, it turns out to be a birthday and Chinese New Year celebration for my family as well.

I just ordered pizza, pasta and chicken from Shakey’s and my Tita Jie cooked fish fillet and macaroni salad.

Sunday Dinner/CNY Celebration/Post Bday Celeb with my Family

We were able to drop by Binondo to buy Tikoy, so after the simple get together we had at home, I gave each family tasty Tikoy for good luck and more family togetherness (according to my Chinese friends).

My bday party give away. Haha

A simple get together, yet I was over the moon as I celebrate my special day with people that I love.