Jewelry Making

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My cousin need to come up with a fund raising project for their school and she asked for my help to come up with ideas. I searched the Internet for easy to make products that my cousin and her classmates can do and which they can sell after to earn some money and that is how I discovered jewelry making.

I found a site where there is a tutorial on how to make cute and fashionable jewelries like bracelets, earrings, id tags, cell phone charms and more. What is nice about this project is that it is very easy and fun to do so I am sure my cousin and her friends will not have a hard time as they start with this fund raising project.

Another good thing about jewelry making is that it only requires minimal materials and tools like pliers, Halogen Free Solder Paste, strings, beads, crystals and more and since the materials used are so affordable, their mark up price will surely be affordable for my cousin’s classmates and friends so they can easily sell them to make their fund raising a success.