For Pipit & Hazel's Wedding

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cobi and Bela will be part of the entourage for the wedding of my cousin this March and the stage mom is getting really excited.

But I am not worried on what will they wear on the wedding as my cousin already took care in choosing the designs for their attire. Bela already went to the couturier last week for his measurement while I only need to look for coin cufflinks for Cobi and they are all set.

So I am more worried on what I will wear for the wedding. I have been checking Pinterest and some magazines and these are the designs that caught my fancy:

For me

I am just not sure though if it will look good on me especially with my still bulging tummy. LOL. Maybe I can just ask the couturier to use material that is not body hugging or maybe he can edit the style a bit to hide my tummy.

I did not have my measurements taken yet as I am hoping that I will still loose weight and trim down some of those unwanted bulges first. I have 3 weeks to do that as I was given until February 18 so that the couturier will have enough time to finish my gown, just in time for the March 10 wedding.