Birthday Wish List

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January is my birthday month. I don’t want to get all excited as I will again be a year older (LOL) but I am thankful and grateful because God has given another year to enjoy life.

We have no definite plans yet on my birthday but I made reservations already for my family on the Prestige Cruises Dinner Buffet on my birthday as I have vouchers, which I purchased several months back. But I am contemplating still if we will push through with the plan as some of my friends mentioned bad feedback about the cruise experience so I am really thinking if it is a good way to celebrate my birthday.

I know we are a bit tight on the budget but if hubby would like to know my birthday wish list, then this will be it:

1. The purple School of Satchel bag

2. Corelle Plate
3. Spa voucher
4. speakers for computer
5. Overnight stay in a hotel or Aquatico resort
6. One extra vacation leave so I can just stay at home and be with hubby and my kids on my birthday

One thing I don’t like about my birthday month is that hubby and I are still recuperating from our Christmas expenses so we always end up not having a budget to celebrate our birthday with a blast. LOL.

But being surrounded by the people that I love the most on my birthday will be the best gift that I will ever receive.


Raft3r said...

happy, happy birthday!
kamusta naman ang manila bay?