Achieve Celebrity-Looking Hair with Lace Front Wigs

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lace front wigs are so popular nowadays that even celebrities are using them. This makes me think and wonder why most people prefer lace front wigs than ordinary wigs.

Lace front wigs are more comfortable to wear than the regular wig as it uses a mesh lace to attach the wig to the hairline. The mesh lace allows air making it more comfortable to wear.

The mesh lace is almost invisible so the wig blends perfectly to the skin. Most lace front wigs are also made from real hair so it is natural-looking and no one will ever think that you are wearing a wig.

Lace front wig is really a very outstanding product that even famous celebrities like Tyra Banks, Beyonce and Britney Spears are using them. Some would think then that these wigs are for the rich and famous only but thanks to LeeBeauty, a leading online beauty supply outlet, even ordinary people can have celebrity-looking hair.

LeeBeauty sells different beauty products like cheap human hair extensions, wigs, skin care and hair solutions, beauty tools and more. They sell products that are of high quality without sacrificing quality.

The hair has a big effect on the overall look of a person and thanks to LeeBeauty, anyone can have a smooth, silky and celebrity-looking hair.

Kamison Closet's Satchel Bag

Friday, November 25, 2011

I think this might be the realization of my wish list for Christmas. Thanks to my sister-in-law who shared with me the Facebook page of Kamison Closet. They sell satchel bags on their site and what I love about it is they have the purple shade that I like and their price is really affordable.

I have been dying to own a Satchel bag ever since I saw the purple bag from Cambridge. The problem is the color purple is very hard to find and if ever I will find a shop here that can buy the purple bag for me, it will take 3-6 months before I can finally get hold of the bag.

Then I discovered SOS (School of Satchel) and they have the purple shade too but I still find it over my budget. And so I got really excited when I saw the bags that Kamison Closet is selling as it is definitely within my budget. My sister and my sister-in-law is planning to buy too so we will even be able to get wholesale discount.

Vegas Trip

I was browsing through my online albums and I chanced upon this picture taken several years back when my husband and I first went to Las Vegas, thanks to our friend Jacq and Neil who took us there for a three day vacation from Los Angeles.

We just went back to Las Vegas last May and I was with my mom, my husband and two kids. We were not able to go around the hotels and play, as we don’t have enough time as we spent the whole day in Grand Canyon and another whole day in the Outlet Store. And besides, I was with my two kids during that trip and for sure they will not be allowed to loiter in the game area.

I love the trill and excitement that Las Vegas brings that is why we chose it over San Francisco when we last went to the US. Although we were not really able to enjoy it as we have two toddlers in tow so our activity were all kid friendly. But if I will be able to go back to Las Vegas again without my kids, this will be my itinerary:

• I will try my luck and gamble as they say that a Vegas trip will not be complete without this (that is why when we last went to Las Vegas, I just tried playing online and I was even to get no deposit casino bonus as I was really frustrated that we were not able to set our foot in the casino. LOL).
• Watch at least one Cirque du Soleil show. We were able to watch Cirque when they went here in Manila and I was not really blown away by the performance. Maybe it is because I was expecting more after hearing all the raves about it so I would like to see the show in Las Vegas with hopes that it will finally meet my expectation.
• Go bar hoping.

Jake & the Neverland Pirate Themed Party: Sweet Royals Nov 19 Event

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I mentioned in my previous post about the last event for Sweet Royals and I am excited to share some of the pictures that the official photographer, K Snaps, uploaded in their Facebook page:

I just love our resident artist as he really pays so much attention to details. I can just imagine how many hours he spent to create the Neverland Island made from styro and paper mache to create the perfect backdrop for our candy buffet.

The kids just love it and they got really excited when it was finally setup and all the elements come together, including the water falls that our artist created as the final touch for the styro backdrop.

Do you think it is time for us to set up Trade show booth so we can really start putting this business to full blast and start to really promote our service? Right now we are just harnessing the power of facebook to do our marketing and hopefully we will be able to get more clients soon.

We will have one event this Sunday and another one this coming December 18. I am really excited to tick our calendars for more bookings for Sweet Royals.

Fino Satchel Bag

A friend from work who shares the same passion for bags like I do, knows that I am dying to own one of the Cambridge Satchel bag and so she excitedly told me about the Satchel bag that Fino Leatherware recently released. She said that it was really beautiful and knowing that it is from Fino guarantees that it is good quality leather.

I have not gotten a chance to visit the Fino branch in Robinson’s to check out how it looks in real life so I just Googled it and I learned that it comes in a really nice green color. I snagged this picture from the blog of The Bright Spot @

The price of the bag though is steep, retailing at P15,000 which is more than double than the price of a Cambridge bag and even triple than the price of the School of Satchel (SOS) bag that I am eyeing to buy as my Christmas present for myself.

Lighting Project

Hubby is planning to have the house blessing before the year ends and I panic for a bit as I know that there are still a lot of things to do to make the house more presentable before the house blessing.

One of the things that we want to take care of is to redesign the lighting of the house. The former owner prefers dim light in the living room which I don’t find fitting since our family spends most of our time in our living room and so I want it to look alive and one way of achieving this is installing the right Thomasville Lighting. We are looking at Thomasville Chandeliers as we know that this can give the desired lighting effect that we need for our living room.

And since we are in the project of lighting, hubby wants to install Thomasville Bathroom Lighting so that all rooms will have matching Thomasville Lighting.

Our new home is hubby’s new baby and every week, he always has a new project in mind that he wants to accomplish. He is really keen on having the house blessing before the year ends as he wanted to start the new year right in our new home.

House Cleaning Service for the Busy Homeowners

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We live in a very fast paced life now that homeowners are struggling between their day job, attending to the needs of their children, managing the households and more. That is why for most homeowners, cleaning the house always falls as the least of their priorities as they don’t have the luxury of time for those kinds of chores.

But a clean home is a necessity especially if there are kids in the house as virus thrives in dirty areas, which can lead to sickness and disease. This may sound to be an impossible task to do but homeowners can have the option of getting Maid To Please, a House Cleaning service Washington DC, to help them maintain the cleanliness of their homes.

Maid To Please provides professional house cleaning service for busy homeowners. By visiting their site, you can instantly get a quote and once you are satisfied with their quote, homeowners just needs to sign up for an account so they can schedule the date and time that cleaners of Maid To Please will visit their home and everything will be done for them.

Every scheduled cleaning with Maid To Please includes an in-depth spring deep cleaning of every room in the house and then a basic rotational cleaning can be scheduled to maintain the cleanliness of the house.

Professional house cleaning service is the answer for busy homeowners. So even if they cant find the time to clean their home because they are busy attending to the other needs of their family and their home, Maid To Please will be there to make sure that their house will still be squeaky clean.

Sweet Royals November Event

Sweet Royals just finished two events for November.

The first one is for the Country fair in St Scholastica with a USA theme. Here are some pictures:

Our resident artist did a USA Backdrop with the Statue of Liberty as our centerpiece. He even researched for the products or events related to each states so he can use it to name each of the candies included in the buffet.

Our last event was held at Hospicio de San Jose for the 6th Birthday Party of Bela. The theme was Jake and the Neverland Pirate and so our artist created Neverland Island as the base for our candy jars. It even has flowing water to create an effect of a waterfall. We are still waiting for the pictures from our official photographer, but here is a Sneak Peak.

Upcoming Events for Sweet Royals:

November 27 – Hanna Montana Theme
December 18 – Jungle Safari Theme

Like us on Facebook: Sweet Royals

Cheerleading Pom Poms: A Great Cheerleading Accessory

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pom Poms Add Flair to Cheerleading Performances

Cheerleading Pom Poms are one of the essential accessories of a cheering team.

What is a pom pom?

Pom poms are the decorative balls of handheld streamers that cheerleaders often use as visual props.

Pom poms are also known as pompoms, poms, pom pons, and pompons. All the spellings ending in "n" are the official names; while the spellings ending in "m" are the more popular versions. All the names originated from the French word "pompon".

It may come in many colors, designs, and sizes and are made from a variety of materials – cotton, fabric, paper, plastic and many more.

Pom pom colors are usually made in the school or team colors. Matching the cheering uniforms, the basic ones are usually in solid colors. Coordinating or contrasting colors are also used to add variety in a pom pom, incorporated with glitter strands. Cheerleaders also sometimes have different colors in each hand, to emphasize routines.

Its size refers to the length of the streamer strands as opposed to the whole prop including the handle.
Their standard sizes are 4", 6", 8", and 10"; among those the most commonly used size is a 6”, which is considered perfect for cheering mostly in schools.

1. Standard. It has a 2-3in plastic tube in the middle, surrounded by a plastic loop.
2. Baton. It has strands coming out of both ends of a tube.
3. Block. It is heavier than other handles but provides a great grip for cheerleaders.
4. Hidden handles. It has a small dowel handle with a large loop of elastic on top, making it invisible when seen afar.

Style and Material
Pom poms are available in a lot of styles – glitter, plastic, holographic and metallic. Plastic pom poms have a matte finish which glitter and metallic ones are highly shiny and look fluid when shaken.

On Love & Marriage

Friday, November 18, 2011

I don’t really have the time to watch the TV often these days so I always get surprise every time I hear news just like the breakup of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. When I learned before that Demi broke up with husband Bruce and replaced him with Ashton, I never really thought that their relationship would last as they have a very huge age gap. But seeing them after they got married and how Ashton became a father to Demi’s 3 kids makes me think that age is really not a factor so I though that theirs was really true love. But sadly after 6 years of marriage, Demi is calling it quits. From what I read it is marital and infidelity issues of Ashton that made Demi decide to end their marriage.

But I still believe in love and there are relationships that are bound to last. I believe so because I have found my one true love. And there are a lot of ways to find your partner and one of them is seeking the help of Parship.

Parship is one of the leading online dating services in Europe. They don’t just find the match for you in terms of physical aspect but they use scientific test to find the most compatible partner that will match your personality. They do this with the help of the scientific test that is being reviewed and refined constantly by their team of psychologist so they can create the perfect profile that will aid Parship in finding the perfect match for each of their members.

Parship is not only limited to match making services as they also offer dating advice and more. Check out their site now and who knows, you are already on your way to finding the perfect love for you through Parship.

Big C

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I was deeply affected when I learned from a friend that her good friend died a few days ago from Cancer. It was a late diagnosis and they just found out about the disease when it was already in Stage 4 and there is nothing much that the doctor can do as the cancer cells has spread already.

I can relate to the pain that the family is suffering. Big C is one of my biggest fears as my aunt died from Cancer too a few years ago. It was also detected during its late stage but she was still able to go through chemotherapy. My aunt was really worried that they will deplete the remaining funds they have in the bank which my aunt would like to allocate for the education of her kids. My aunt was able to go through a complete round of chemotherapy but unfortunately, after only a few months, she had a remission.

She decided not to go through another round of chemo as she knows that her time is up and it is too costly for the family. My aunt is a fighter and I know, she would have wanted to fight till the end for her family but it is her body that is giving up already.

Thankfully, her kids were still able to finish college after their mom passed away. They did not have to worry about the medical bills as they contacted TotalBankruptcy to talk to a lawyer for bankruptcy so they will know their options to file for bankruptcy for their unsecured debt and get a debt discharge.

Thanks to TotalBankruptcy, the remaining money left was then allocated to the education of my aunt’s two kids instead of paying for medical bills that they have incurred because of my aunt’s hospitalization.

Sale! Sale! and More Sale!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My friends from the US is starting to feel that winter is near that they are already starting to look for MSR lightning ascent snowshoes to gear up for the cold weather. But before winter, they are preparing for this upcoming sale: Thanksgiving, Black Saturday and Cyber Monday sale so they can shop for their winter gears and more.

These sales are the biggest sale for the entire year that is why people are really waiting for it. My group of friends is actually waiting for this, as we will be shopping for our Christmas gifts and gadgets like iphone and iPad that we have been drooling over these past months.

Last Black Friday sale, my friends were able to buy a laptop, camera, clothes and more while my husband was able to snag an LCD TV. We are hoping to get good deals again this year so we are saving up our credit cards to get ready for the biggest sale event of the year.

Tips on How to Lower Cholesterol

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Her digital blood pressure monitor has been my mom’s constant companion. She carries it everywhere she goes as she constantly need to monitor her blood pressure as it can surge instantly if she does something like eat food that is high in cholesterol or if she is stressed out or if she tires herself too much.

Just like during the holiday season when we just eat and eat anything served on the table, my mom’s blood pressure has always been high as she can’t control herself from eating foods that are high in cholesterol and we did not really stop her as we don’t want to ruin the festive mood during our holiday celebrations.

But my mom is almost in her 60s already and so I told her that it is really time for her to look after her health. Her first step should be to look for ways on How to lower cholesterol level so she can maintain a normal blood pressure every time. She should also start to alter her lifestyle and avoid stressful activities. Her diet plan should also be change so she will just take healthy foods that are low in cholesterol like fish, fruits and vegetables.

Another way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by taking supplements like Krill Oil and Acai Berry. Acai Berry is a fruit that is rich in antioxidant and is said to help prevent heart diseases as it flush out bad toxins from the body which can help lower the cholesterol levels.

I told my mom that she better have discipline if she wants to fulfill her dreams of seeing all her grand children grow. And I am glad she is trying her best to follow the things that I suggested to her.