is on Sick Leave

Monday, August 29, 2011

It has been over a week that I was absent from work because of my sore eyes. The last time I was away from work was when I was on maternity leave. I am feeling a little uncomfortable about the situation. I don’t know, I am just afraid that they might take it against me because of my absence. Or maybe I am just being paranoid because my two supervisors assured me that it is perfectly okay to take a sick leave and I should go back when I am healthy enough to go back to work. I was even thinking of joining our online conference calls for our weekly meeting but my bosses told me that I should rest so I can heal fast and go back to work in no time.

Oh well, I know it is not my fault that I got sick and I am thankful that I have very understanding supervisors who fully understand and is supportive of my plight.

Tory Burch's Fall Look Book 2011

Fall is almost here so let us take a look at Tory Burch’s 2011 Fall Collection:

According to Tory, the theme for this year’s Fall Collection is American sportswear meets English Country dressing. This means that the style for this year’s collection is has an outdoor feel but still has a feminine touch.

Each of the pieces can be dressed up or down which is really perfect for transforming looks from daytime office attire to night out with girls.

Just take a look at some of my favorites taken from Tory Burch’s Fall Look Book 2011:

I love the comfy look of the outfits but just like what Tory said, it still did not lose its feminine touch.

If only there is Fall season from my part of the world (and granting I have the budget. LOL), I would have go straight to Tory Burch store and start shopping for great outfits for the new season.

Pre-Owned Car for Us

Friday, August 26, 2011

I was finally able to convince hubby that designer bags are an investment because I was able to sell two of my bags fast when I was in need for an immediate cash last week. I did not even put an effort in selling it as my friends were the one who offered to buy it and money was delivered the very next day. I was a bit sentimental because I was not selling it to upgrade for a new bag but at least I was able to come up with the money that I need.

Like bags, cars are very much easy to buy and sell too. Hubby is actually considering to get a second hand car so we have something to use to and from work so he frequently visits the site of Trusted Dealers. They have a wide range of selection of pre owned cars from Preowned Audi to used BMW and even Toyota and Honda cars so hubby will have a lot of choices.

If bag is a necessity for my day to day life, a car that we can use everyday to and from work would be a big help for us too so hubby and I are really hoping to find a pre-owned car in good condition that we can purchase soon.

Shopping for our Dream Home

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Looks like I will need much faster desktop computers as I will be shopping for a lot of things online. For a change, I won’t be shopping for clothes or bags this time as I am eyeing for new stuff for our dream home.

I want to shop for Corelle plates, Bed Sheets, Quilt, and Comforter Set, appliances and more. Instead of Magnums, BagShop, Tory Burch, Old Navy site, I constantly visit now the site of Overstock and I even subscribe to their newsletter to get alerts for sale items.

Just like now, they are having a sale for their comforter set and I am digging this:

EverRouge Metallica Plum 12-piece Comforter Set

Well it is obvious that I fell in love with the color. But the price is such a steal also as it includes the following:

• 1 comforter
• 2 shams
• 1 bed skirt
• 2 euro shams
• 2 decorative pillows
• 4-piece sheet set

I am just not sure though if hubby will agree to have a very feminine color in our bedroom. LOL.

Oh Lala: Marc Jacob

The newest Vampire from the Twilight movie Dakota Fanning is the new look for Marc Jacobs’s new fragrance Oh Lala. I snagged this behind the scene pictures of her photo shoot from In Style online.

Just look at home beautiful this girl has transformed. I can still remember her movie Uptown Girl and she was still a kid then, so cute and so fragile. And now, she blossomed into a pretty flower. No wonder she was chosen by Marc Jacobs to represent their new fragrance.

According to Dakota, she did not even think twice when she was asked to be the new face for Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lala fragrance as she loves Marc Jacobs’ perfume and that she has all of Marc Jacobs’ collection at home.

Oh Lala fragrance will be release in store this month so watch out for it.

Actos lawsuit

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Persons with diabetes have to be careful with what they eat so as to maintain the right sugar level to avoid any complications. That is why as part of their daily routine to take care and monitor their health, some take oral medicines like Actos.

But I was surprised to find out that even diabetes medicines can cause complications too which is very sad since we know how difficult the life is of diabetic patients and they can’t afford more health complications. It has been proven that Actos, an oral medicine for diabetes, can increase the risk of heart attacks, heart failures and even bladder cancer.

But victims can still find hope as they can file for Actos lawsuit with the help of lawyers from O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath. They are the best when it comes to product liability claims so victims are guaranteed that they are in good hands which can give them a chance to get a just claim.

For Our Protection

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last month, we started our first payment for the monthly amortization of our housing loan to purchase a new property, which will be our dream house. This means that the seller has accomplished all paperwork and the property is now under our name.

The only thing that is lacking is the mortgage protection life insurance that we have to get. We have weighed the pros and cons of getting an insurance and we have decided that we really have to get one for our protection. It is true that it will be an added expense in our monthly amortization but at least we know that we will be covered in case anything happens to us. The insurance will assure us that our kids won’t have to worry about a thing for our loan in case anything will happen to my husband and me.

I will just have y much needed Rest & Recreation this weekend and I promise when I get back from my vacation, I will start working on all our pending for the house so that we will be sure that everything is in place and in order before we move.

Louis Vuitton's Colors of Summer

Since we are off to the beach this weekend (yes, Shangr-La Mactan here we come), I figured that it will be a fitting post to feature Louis Vuitton’s colors of Summer.

They just released their Ailleurs collection and just look at the cool new designs and colors:

The bags are made from cotton canvass silkscreen printed with watercolor drawing. It has gold trimmings plus Louis Vuitton’s Golden brass Inventeur plate that gives the bag a luxurious touch. It has adjustable handles so you can turn it easily into a hand bag or shoulder bag. It has an engraved snap hook closure as well as a large interior zipped pocket.

I love the pattern and color hue of the Cabas Escale. It is so warm and relaxing that is really perfect for Summer season.

So be in style this summer with Louis Vuitton’s Colors of Summer collection.