Thursday, July 21, 2011

As of 11:20 PM, looks like we are having second thoughts again on what car to buy. LOL. We already made up our mind and we are set on buying the Toyota Vios 1.3 E. I even gave our final decision to BPI this morning so they can process the papers for our auto loan. I even contacted our dealer and I told her that the purchase order will be release either Thursday or Friday.

But I spoke with my brother this evening and he knows about cars better than us since that is one of his sideline and he just has a natural love for cars. I told him that we will be getting the Vios 1.3E and he suggested that we look at Honda City also since the price is almost the same as Toyota Vios.

Honda City was really our first love when we did our car window shopping but since it is over our budget, we dropped it from our short list. But when I checked the Honda City website, I realized that the lowest model of Honda City is just a few thousands higher than the 1.3E of Vios.

We are so totally confuse. I am sure our Toyota dealer will hate us if I spilled to her the news that we will just buy Honda City after I bothered her a couple of times for all our questions about Vios. LOL.

I told hubby to decide for us because honestly, I really don’t know what to choose now. LOL.

Colorize Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Monday, July 18, 2011

Alternative stones for engagement rings were abundant prior to De Beer’s standardizing the ideal of the princess diamond cut engagement ring. Prior to this trend, engagement rings could be emeralds, rubies, or even sapphires and no one gave a second thought about it. Now, the trend to add color to your diamond engagement ring is back, and it can be done both with and without diamonds.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

New discoveries of diamond minds have produced a market for colored diamonds that range from pink to blue. Some colors are more expensive than others. Yellow diamonds may actually be less costly than white diamonds, mostly due to the greater demand for white diamonds. Having a pink diamond set in an engagement ring became famous when Jennifer Lopez received one pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Trends for colored diamonds come and go, but you can also include color in your diamond engagement ring by adding other precious stones.

Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies

To add color to a diamond engagement ring you can put in alternative stones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. You generally want to stick to precious stones in an engagement ring, even when they’re not diamonds. Pick a design that allows for smaller side stones so that you can add color discretely alongside a larger diamond. If you want to add the color to the band, you can add an eternity ring look to the bad with diamonds and some other precious stone. You can choose to add any design element you want to your engagement ring and in the quantity that you want, too. Check out different styles of band to see where you can add a little color. If you really want to be different, you can just drop the white diamond and make your engagement ring completely from a colored stone. It’s really up to each individual to decide how much or how little color they want in their engagement ring.

Long Champ's Fall 2011 Collection

Are you excited to see what is in store for Long Champ’s Fall 2011 Collection? Well wait no more as they just released this year’s Fall Collection fresh from France:

They took inspiration from the colors of the Wild West and are evident in the new colors like grape, orange, peacock blue, and loden green.

I am loving the grape (as always) and the Peacock color so I am scared that I will get tempted to get another Long Champ bag to add to my collection. LOL.

And for the latest addition to their Limited Edition collection which also got its inspiration from the Wild West:It comes in black and loden color. I have my Limited Edition collection from Long Champ but I am not sure though if I am digging this new one. Maybe not my style. And besides, as of the moment I don’t have a budget for another purse.

But I am not worried as I am sure, if in the near future, business will start to pick up again and I have extra to give in to my bag addiction, I can always rely on Deals Direct as they have a wide range of Handbags and Luggage that I really like. So I just have to be patient for now as I now my time will come to get another purse to add to my collection.

Save on Interest

Sunday, July 17, 2011

By July 30, we will start the first payment for our housing loan. We are excited as this is our first major, major investment as a couple and of course, we are both excited as we can call this house our own.

But since we got this house via a loan that we get from a bank, we know that we will incur a big interest when we are done paying for the house after 20 years. That is why I got really interested when I learned about Nationwide Biweekly Administration, which can help us enroll in Interest Minimizer program.

With this program, we don’t need to switch lenders or banks or do any balance transfers, as our loan will just be restructured from monthly to a weekly or bi-weekly payment. If you will check, this will significantly reduce the years of payment from six to seven years which translate to thousands of dollars of savings in interest. What I even like about NBA is that they can pay up to four months of our amortization in case we loose our job.

We will definitely check Interest Minimizer Program so we can save big on interest and use that money to enjoy life with our kids.


I can’t believe it is Sunday again and tomorrow will be the start of another busy week for me. How I wish weekends were longer. I spent the whole day Saturday in Bela’s school and then we accompanied Bela for her Gymnastics class. We started the day early so we have no energy left to go to the mall after the class. Jacobo is also not with us since we did not bring him along as he will surely get tired since it will be a long day so we just went home after attending Bela’s Gymnastics class.

For Sunday, I still have a number of things to finish for work before we leave in the afternoon to attend mass in the parish of hubby’s brother.

I can’t even have a few minutes of “Me” time. But I am glad I purchased a dead sea nail kit so I can at least do my nails later when the kids are already sleeping so I can finally wear the Aldo sandals that I bought a few months ago.

So I better start going now so I can tick a lot of items in my To-do list before another busy day with my family.

School of Satchel (SOS)

I so wanted to own a Satchel bag after I saw the Purple Satchel of Cambridge. But I heard it is difficult to own one, as you have to wait in the queue, as stocks are not readily available since it comes from UK. But my friends got really excited when we heard of the Batangas Satchel of Frances. Aside from the fact that is locally made so we are promoting Filipino made products, it is way even cheaper than the Cambridge.

But I am not so set on the brown color as I find it so masculine so I got really excited when I learned of School of Satchel (SOS) from my good friend Joy who shared information about SOS in Twitter. And what got me even more excited is that they have it in purple too.

I inquired in their multiply page and the owner replied right away. The satchels are available in 11”, 13” and 15”. Here are the prices for each size:

11” = P3,500
13” – P4,200
15” – P5,100
15” with Handle – P5,900

Look at the colors available for their satchels.

They are actually at the Rockwell Bazaar today and I am hoping that we can drop by so I can see for myself how an SOS satchels look likes.

Zugo LTD's Toolbar: A Powerful Tool

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Internet has been a very effective tool to reach a wider audience and increase scope of any business. The Internet has made possible business transactions between clients and businessmen, even if they are in different countries and cities.

But since thousands and thousands of companies are now online, it is not just enough that companies have an online web presence but they should also employ ways to increase their web exposure.

One way to do that is by contacting Zugo LTD so they can help site owners by employing Zugo’s products like Branded Toolbars and StartNow Toolbar. Toolbar has been a very popular tool in the Internet world as it helps make surfing the web faster and easier as toolbar users can just search any information that they want in just one toolbar and search results from different search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Ask will be displayed.

Site owners can then utilize this toolbar by letting Zugo customize it for them to add information about their site which can be easily seen by the consumers as they open their browser. Zugo’s toolbar is a very light application that can be easily installed and uninstalled and is perfectly safe and clean as it is not a spyware and malware. Aside from this, site owners will also earn from every download of their Zugo’s toolbar.

Indeed, Zugo’s toolbar is a very powerful tool both for the site owner and the consumer.

RL Summer Sale

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ralph Lauren’s Summer Sale has just started and most items are at 25% off. I was teasing hubby that maybe this is the perfect time for him to start shopping for polo shirts and golf gps maps that he can use when time comes that he can start playing golf.

You see, I always hear him say to our friends that golf is one of his frustrations and how he wish he can afford the golf clubs so he can start playing someday. So when I saw the Ralph Lauren sale, I teased him that he can start with golf polo shirts first while RL is on sale and then deal with the golf clubs later. LOL.

I even receive an email from Ralph Lauren for an additional 25% off so I can really save big. Just look at some of the items that I am checking out for Howell:

So check out RL website now for some great finds.

Purple: Anthology

I saw this cute purple Anthology shoes from the Instagram account of my good friend Joy and I literally drool:

Well for one, I love anything purple so you can just imagine how much I admired the shoes after seeing the color alone. Then I have long been wanting to get a pair of Anthology shoes but I can’t seem to decide which to get (their shoes is kind of pricey that I think I can only afford one per year. LOL). So when I saw this purple shoe, I finally have decided which style to get for me.

A number of my friends already got this shoe and they are all raving about how comfy this shoe is. They say that it is even better than Tory Burch.

Hubby will be back from his remote assignment work in Baguio this coming Tuesday and hopefully we can have a chance to go to Glorietta on the weekend so I can finally own a pair of Anthology.

To Make Her Feel Better

A good friend is currently expecting and is on her first trimester of pregnancy. I just finished chatting with her and she is having a hard time now because of the morning sickness. She even took a leave from work as she can’t function well in the office because of the symptoms that she is experiencing now that she is expecting.

Being a mom of two kids, I know how difficult the first trimester of pregnancy is - the dizziness, nausea, the feeling of the need to vomit all the time. And so to make her feel a little better, I am now checking out the site of CherryMoonFarms to order organic fruit baskets online for my friend.

I saw their organic summer sampler, which contains peaches, nectarines, black plums, and bananas. My friend said that fruits is the only thing that her system is accepting now and I know that fruits is best too for pregnant women like her so I know this will definitely make her feel better.

Hubby is Away

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If hubby’s company is to give away trophies for the best employee, I am sure hubby will be the perfect candidate.

He is on his way now to Baguio as he was personally requested by their Public Affairs section to go with them and be the technical support staff for the event that hubby’s company will be hosting there starting tomorrow until next week. I know he can just ask his staff to go instead of him but being the responsible manager that he is, he wants to see for himself that everything will run smoothly for the technical side for this event.

So even though it breaks my heart that hubby will not be here with us for almost a week, I have no choice since duty calls. I will surely miss him. The kids for sure will miss him terribly.

But at least I can use this opportunity to just stay at home (since hubby is not here to drive us around), relax and spend some quality time with Bela and Cobi.

Be Delighted Someday

I was so green with envy upon seeing this:

A good friend is just so delighted because she now owns a Louis Vuitton Delightful. I am so happy for her because I know how excited she must feel now for her new baby.

I have blogged about this bag here several months ago with the hope that one day I will be able to afford this bag. I even asked for its price when we went to a Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas so I was able to see and feel it in real life but unfortunately, I could not muster swiping and maximizing my credit card limit especially since we are just at the first week of three-week vacation in the US so I am not sure yet how much money I still have left from my shopping budget.

Someday soon, I will get hold of you and just like my good friend, I too will be delighted someday by LV Delightful.

Zugo LTD: Better Web Exposure

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Internet has been a very effective tool to reach a wider audience and increase scope of any business. The Internet has made possible business transactions between clients and businessmen, even if they are in different countries and cities.

But since thousands and thousands of companies are now online, it is not just enough that companies have an online web presence but they should also employ ways to increase their web exposure.

One way to do that is by contacting Zugo LTD and let them start a monetization solution for your company. Their products and services:

• Branded Start Pages
• Branded Toolbars
• StartNow Toolbar

With branded start pages, Zugo’s design team will create a custom page for the client that will help increase the web exposure of the client. These start pages are designed to give user an optimal web experience while at the same time, increasing the number of target audience. Their start pages are powered by powerful search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

The Branded toolbars also does the same thing in increasing brand awareness by creating a toolbar that is customized based on the client’s requirements.

This toolbar and start pages can be easily deployed to target audience, thus will instantly give better revenue results for the client.