Rain, Rain Go Away

Friday, June 24, 2011

Prizes for the games: Check
Clothes to be worn tomorrow: Check
Details of the party all ironed out with the party planner: Check
Confirmed all details with the other suppliers: Check
utility knife, cutter, scotch ta
Payment to the supplier: Check
Now if only the rain will stop so I can have a good night sleep later. The venue for Cobi’s party is actually covered so I really don’t have to worry about the rain. But you know how it is here in Manila. With just a little rain, roads will be impassable already because of flood so I am worried about our guests, as I really want all of them to be present to celebrate with us.

We already offered eggs and prayers to Sta. Clara and my aunt offered egg again today in our altar so I am praying that she will intercede for us and Mr. Sun will show up tomorrow.

My Mango Dress

Thanks to the shout out about the Mango sale that I got from my Twitter friends, as I was able to buy a dress that I wore during the last LES merit Awards Ceremony where I was given a long service award.

The dress that I got is 50% off. I actually saw this dress a few weeks ago when I was looking for a dress that I will wear on Cobi’s party but I did not buy it, as it was too expensive. So when I saw that it was on sale, I did not think twice in buying it.

I just paired it with a red belt and voila. (I will post a picture of how it turned out once I get a copy of the event from my boss. LOL). I actually love how it turned out. I love also the material as it is made from cotton so it is very comfortable. I just wish I had a nice shoe to pair with it. LOL.

On Online University

I got a call from my friend the other week to ask me about online university. You see, her daughter graduated from high school and is now in college this school year. Her daughter was just so smart that a lot of institutions offered her scholarships. She is already enrolled to one of the biggest universities here as a scholar but since her schedule is not that loaded, she wishes to get more short courses and that is where she got the idea of enrolling to an online university.

The advantage is that she can enroll to a class without the need for her to go to an actual classroom so she can very well take as much class as she wants as she can study at her own convenient time anywhere she is. And I am sure since she can easily manage her time as she has excellent time management skills.

I am so proud of my friend’s daughter. My friend really did a good job in raising her kids well.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hubby is one happy camper as his iPhone got upgraded. He used to own an 8 GB 2G iPhone which formerly belongs to me which I handed down to him when I upgraded to a 3 GS phone.

He was actually really planning to upgrade to a much better phone and he is looking at blackberry phone but then his former officemate offered to sell him his iPhone 3GS and so hubby decided to go with Apple again. He was really excited that he dropped it off to our store last week to have it configured so he can use his Globe sim with it as it is initially locked with AT&T.

So now he is one happy camper as it is definitely faster when surfing the net which is one of the things that hubby loves to do with his iPhone to check on his favorite NBA team. Plus it is loaded now with games and application and since it is double the capacity than his old iPhone, he can definitely load all his FPJ movies in it.

Wardrobe Shopping

Finally I was able to find a nice dress that I can wear on Cobi’s party this coming June 25. I started searching last week in Greenbelt but I did not even dare try on the dresses that I saw as it comes with a hefty price tag. So I asked hubby to drive me to Eastwood so I can check out the stores there recommended by Jody but the line that they have right now are all summer attire which is too sexy for me.

The next day, we were able to drop by in Greenhills before and after Meg’s party so I was able to check out the stores as well as the tiangge and luckily I was able to find a dress that I like. It is actually a very simple dress and I think the only thing that I attract me to it is its color (which is purple and is my favorite color) but I guess this will do as my attire for the party.

I still have a free day tomorrow and if I will be in the mood, I might check out Robinson’s to see if I can find something there that is better than what I got from Greenhills.

RL Summer Sale

Ralph Lauren is having a sale and they are offering up to 40% discount on selected items. My good friend Peachy alerted me of this sale and I got excited that I checked the RL site right away to check if there are good offers for polos and shirts for Cobi.

I know I already shopped for a lot of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger shirts and polos for him but sales like this is really so hard to pass. My sister was teasing me already that I really need to be admitted to a rehabilitation center to get help on my shopping addiction. But can you blame me? Imagine RL shirts for only $10 each when it cost around $50- $60 here. And Cobi is a growing boy that he easily outgrows his clothes so I really need to stock up clothes for him and now is the perfect time for me to shop for Cobi as I can really save big because of the huge discount that they are offering.

Good thing I already paid for my credit card bill so I have a fresh new credit limit to use for this sale. LOL.

On Beauty Schools

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have you heard about Regency Beauty Institute? Well if you are someone who wants to make a name in the fashion and beauty industry, then you should start learning about them and check out Charlotte beauty school, which is among the many branches of Regency Beauty Institute.

Regency Beauty Institute is the most extraordinary beauty schools in the United States. They solely took the first step with just 2 campuses in Minnesota and now they already have 80 campuses around 19 states. This just goes to show precisely how superior this school is. They continuously expand because their number of enrolees just keeps growing and growing. Their popularity can be attributed to the superior training that they give to their students. Their campuses mimic chic hair salons so their students are certain to receive the best practical exercise.

They even have an enrolment to recruitment program because immediately after their enrolees move on to their programs, they help their students seek job in fashion, runways, spas and cruise field.

So when you seriously prefer to create a title in the fashion and beauty industry, you will not go wrong if you enrol with Regency Beauty Institute

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My kumareng Ems was the one who introduce me to Anthology shoes. She asked me to get one for her that I will bring when I meet her in DC. She got the shoes, she tried it on and according to her it is just so comfy (even much more comfortable than Tory Burch flats).

Now I am thinking to get this one for myself:

Maybe I can wear it on Cobi’s party as for sure I will be standing for hours as I entertain the guests. But I can’t think of a nice dress or jumpsuit that will go with these shoes (sorry I don’t have that much fashion sense. LOL).

But will see. We will be in Greenbelt later and I will try it on and see if I will really fall in love with it.

I Heart MK

Ever since I got my first Michael Kors watch, I became so addicted with it specially after seeing this Michael Kors watch that Faye is selling:

The price is definitely good (plus I can even pay in terms. LOL). Do you think I should get it?

Now I have a new found addiction and it looks like I am into watch this time. At least the watches that I like are cheaper compared to the bags that I am drooling over so my savings account will be happier. LOL.

How I wish I have bottomless funds so I don’t have to think 100 times and torture myself before I can afford to buy something for me. LOL. I guess that is how life is when you have two kids and a family to support. Or if only I am earning from my sideline as much as I was earning before….

On Personal Injury Cases

Friday, June 10, 2011

Going through injury due to any sort of accident could be very distressing, each towards the sorry victim and also to the victim’s loved ones. It may extremely modify the family’s monetary condition since the injuries may cause lack of work as well as melancholy towards the sufferer.

Coping with all of this is already a handful for both the sufferer and the victim’s loved ones. Include the very fact the strain that's caused by coping with insurance providers.

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Tips to Stop Your Kids from Whining

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the calmest parents around but whining can really test your patience. Every kid does that and of course it is annoying to any parent to hear the endless whines of their children. How can you make this stop and make sure that it won’t happen again? Now this is not rocket science but it can be quite a challenge. The success of this attempt will depend on the parent’s ability to discipline their child. Here are some tips that you can try in order to control your child’s whining:

Be consistent with your rules and tone of voice. It is very important to talk to your kids in a matured yet calm tone. Tell your kids that whining is what babies do and explain why as a grownup he doesn’t need to use that trick in order to get what he wants. Remind your child to talk in a “big kid voice” when trying to explain something.

If the whining won’t stop after several attempts to explain, ignore it completely. Walk away or be quiet and continue with what you are doing. Sooner or later the child will eventually get tired or divert the attention to something else.

As a parent, you need to be firm with your decision. A “No” is a No and it won’t change even if they won’t stop. Do not be carried away with your kid’s tantrums, as the older person in the conversation, you should have control of the whole situation.

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LeSportSacWeekender Bag

Another one of my great finds on our recent trip:

A LeSportSacWeekender bag which I got from Ross store in Washington DC. It is so cheap, it is like I just purchase an ordinary bag from a local store here in Manila.

I actually want the XXL Long Champ bag but then our friends from Washington took us shopping in Ross and I found this weekender bag. I was actually planning to buy the one my good friend Faye was selling (because the one that Faye was selling has really cute girly prints), but since I really have no extra budget for now, I just settled for this plain black & white LeSportSac bag. I actually was able to use it already when we load it with our shopping loots on our way back to New York from DC.

This is just one of the few things that I was able to shop for myself (actually this is still not for me as this will be our family’s overnight bag. LOL).

Product Liability Claims Expert

Topamax is actually a medicine which is utilize as a possible anti convulsant to take care of epileptic sufferers. Additionally it is utilize to aid migraine headaches. Both pointed out problems are just easy problems but I would never know until now that expectant mothers are presented having a danger if they consume Topamax to cure both epileptic convulsions or migraine as research has already been carried out that demonstrates the connection of Topamax with delivery flaws like cleft lip or cleft palate. The problem can be a little, notched lip or in really terrible instances, may cause a wide open groove from the roof of the mouth to the nasal area.

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Merry Christmas

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!! I saw a friend tweeted this message last June 1 and it just put a smile on my face. It is already half of the year and my friend is right because time moves so fast and before we know it, it is time again to send out holiday photo cards and do our Christmas shopping.

But of all the holidays, my favorite is really Christmas as you can really feel the spirit of love, joy, thanksgiving and sharing. It also gives me the perfect reason to do what I always love to do which is shopping as I shop for gifts for my family, relatives and friends.

I know it is just the first week of June but with our busy schedule, I am sure it will not be long before we greet each other a very Merry Christmas and I am just so excited because it is the first Christmas that we will spend in our new home. I can’t wait.

Missing Hubby

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We left New York yesterday at 10 AM and hubby took another flight going to South Carolina as he has to attend a four-day training there. Last night, Bela was looking for her dad and we are both missing him. I know it is just four days and he will be home by Sunday but we got used to doing everything together 24x7 during our vacation that a few days of not being around each other is a big challenge.

But it is work and he has to attend the training (otherwise he has to pay for his airfare as his company paid for his airfare for this trip. LOL). So while he is out I might just do some research on how he can maintain his normal testosterone levels so he can decide when his back the best supplements that he can drink as he is planning to start working out again.

I am still home but I will be back to work tomorrow. I hope I can stay up awake at work. LOL. But at least I will be pre-occupied and I can stop thinking about hubby.

Pink for Me

We visited a lot of Outlet stores but I did not buy anything for myself as I am hoping that I will get a good deal in Balenciaga and Gucci store in Woodbury. But I am out of luck as I did not find anything nice in both stores. The bags available in Gucci have canvass material and I am looking for bags that has the same material as my crystal tote so I went out empty handed when I left Gucci store. Balenciaga store don’t offer that much and the bags on sale are outdated already.

But of course I have to buy something for myself as a souvenir from this trip and so I got this:

Pink kung pink

a Michael Kors watch. My cousin asked me to get her an Armani watch that she saw online so after finding the watch for my cousin, I started my own search too for a watch that I can buy for myself and I am so lucky to have found this watch and you will not believe how much I only paid for it. A very good deal.