I Need Help

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I hit the weighing scale today because I thought that I will be happy with the result but I was surprised to find out that I am still 11 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.

I thought that the work out that I have during this trip which includes carrying a 10 kilo baby while doing our walking tours, shopping for numerous hours in big outlet stores, piggy backing Bela, carrying shopping bags with stroller and more is enough work out for me already to help me loose weight but I was wrong. I guess I will really need myoripped if I really want to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I will be in great shape in time for Cobi’s party.

This reminds me, I have to do some shopping when we get back for our wardrobe that we will wear for his party. If I will attain my ideal weight then I can wear something sexy (LOL), if not I can just cover myself up to hide those ugly bulges.

On Topamax

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lately I have been suffering from migraine frequently and the only way to take away the pain is by taking a medicine. That is why I did some research on the best way to cure migraine and I was shocked when I learned about Topamax.

Topamax is a medicine use to cure migraine but it has bad side effects as it can increase the risk of causing birth defects to kids like cleft lip when taken by women while they are expecting. I even heard that there are a number who file for a Topamax birth defect lawsuit with the help of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 because there have been a number of cases reported which relates Topamax to the birth defect.

So if you are pregnant and have migraine, better check out with your doctors first before you take any medicine.

Cabazon and Camarillo Outlet stores : California

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks to my good friend Jacq and Fran, we were able to visit this:

Cabazon and Camarillo Outlet stores in California. It is close to one hour drive from Los Angeles and my friend Jacq who is from Los Angeles drove us to the house of Fran who lives close to the Outlet store. We haven’t seen each other since they left the Philippines and so Jacq finds it as the perfect opportunity for a reunion. We went to their house first where we had lunch and then we went to the Outlet stores and it is humungous. I actually did not know where to start. Good thing I know exactly what to shop and that is stuff for my kids so we went straight to Ralph Lauren where I went crazy shopping for t-shirts and polos for Cobi then we went to Nike where I bought rubber shoes for Cobi and Howell, to Converse for rubber shoes again for Cobi and Bela, Stride Rite for shoes for Cobi, and to Tommy Hilfiger for shirts for Cobi and Bela.

Then we all got tired from too much shopping. We haven’t even covered one fourth of the outlet store but we decided to call it a day as I don’t think my credit card can take so much beating in one day. LOL.

Canada Bound

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I still have to make a formal post about the chronicles of our recent adventure which I will post on my other blog but just want to make snippet posts here so you guys are a little updated about our whereabouts.

We are currently in Canada now and we took a bus from New York going to Toronto. We actually just arrived in New York at 1 AM and we were fetched by hubby’s good friend from high school from the airport. We are very thankful for his gesture so we don’t have to get a cab to reach home as we know how tired the kids are from our west coast trip. He actually have rebound rhinitis which he got from using nasal spray (which I heard can cause prescription drug abuse addiction), but he still offered to wake up early to pick us up at the airport so we are very thankful.

We slept the whole day to recuperate as we will be leaving in the evening again for our Toronto leg.

So we really have an amazing race itinerary – tiring but very fun.

2 Outlet Stores Down

I promised my uncle that I will look for motor home repairs while we are here in the US but instead; I got busy visiting two of the branches of Premium Outlet Stores – their branch in Los Angeles and their branch in Las Vegas.

My good friend Jacq and Fran drive us from Los Angeles to Camarillo Outlet and I was able to buy tons for the kids – Ralph Lauren t-shirts for Cobi, Converse shoes for Cobi and Bela, Nike shoes for Cobi and Howell, Stride Rite and Ralph Lauren shoes for Cobi, Tommy Hilfiger polo and sando for Cobi and Bela, and tshirts for Howell, my dad and my uncle.

In Las Vegas outlet store, I was able to buy shirts for Cobi and Bela from Carters, eye glasses from Kenneth Cole for me and shirts for my sister, cousin and hubby’s niece from Aeropostale.

We are scheduled to go to Woodbury Commons on our last day in New York and that is where I plan to check out bags (if I still have money) and the watches that my sister and cousin is asking me to buy for them.


After arriving in Toronto early this morning, we just ate breakfast and then slept almost the whole day. Hubby woke me up around 5 PM as we will be going out for dinner. On our way to the Chinese restaurant, Joan showed us the Outlet store near their place and I found out that Aldo store is cheaper here in Canada than in the US as Aldo is a Canada based company. We were not able to go around yet but Joan promised to take us back to this Outlet store either on Sunday of Monday (which is a holiday so I am sure they will be offering great deals) so I am excited. It is just the perfect timing as it is already the cut off for my credit card so I have enough room in my card for another round of shopping. LOL.

New York, New York

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am so excited as I am now in the capital city when it comes to ashion, New York city – from designer bags, to clothing, and even bridesmaid dresses. Just name it and for sure, you will see one here in New York.

On our first day, we went to 5th avenue and I was drooling at the wonderful display of the high end shops in that area. If only I have a budget, I will not go home empty handed on our first day in the city for sure. LOL.

But my friends in Los Angeles will be taking us to an Outlet store on our 3rd day there and hubby’s friend will be bringing us to Woodbury on our last day in New York city (which is also their memorial day sale so I am hoping to get good deals) so I am excited. Hopefully, with my limited budget I will be able to get something nice for myself (I heard from Glo that Gucci and Balenciaga has a shop in Woodbury so good luck to me. It is time to test my EQ again.

Personalized Welcome Mats?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I guess I have to say goodbye to bag and shoe shopping for now as I found a new interest and that is shopping for furniture, appliances, fixtures and accessories for our new home. So instead of checking out the site of Louis Vuitton, Long Champ, Balenciaga, and other designer bag sites, I now check out sites that sells home furnishings and accessories like this one:

These are personal welcome mats that I found from Personal Creations website. I am sure my husband will flip once he finds out about my discovery as we both love everything personalize.

Don’t you think it will be a nice welcome treat for our guests if they set their foot on our personalized mats? We will be having a lot of gatherings in the house after we move for sure so this is a must have accessory that I should include in my shopping list.

Be Like Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Garner with Soludos

Do you want to look like Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Garner? Well at least you will have the same fashion sense when it comes to shoes if you will wear Soludos.

Soludos are espadrilles that are perfect for spring weather. New Yorker Nick Brown started making them when he can’t find the perfect espadrilles in his home town and the result is an eco-friendly, easy to wear and warm weather footwear that has become a huge it that even Hollywood stars Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Garner wear.

I guess the warm colors and cute prints are what set it apart from the other espadrilles that you can see in the market. Just look at some of the designs and colors:

And what makes it as an ultimate must have foot wear this spring is that it is so affordable. Imagine for just $26 - $28 per pair, you can get these comfy shoes.

For Our New House

We will finally be moving to our new house come June and we are all excited. My dad and hubby already stated packing our stuff so we will be ready for the big move when we arrive from our vacation.

But aside from the move, the furniture and the appliances that we will need for the new house, hubby and I are thinking to get a home automation from ADT Pulse.

What we like about ADT Pulse is that we can remotely monitor our house 24/7 wherever we are. Like if we are out of town or in the office, we can access our home security system by just using a web enabled phone or computer. We even have the ability to arm and disarm our home security system by using our phone.

But ADT Pulse is not just about home security as it comes with a total package. It has light and climate control for a fully automated house.

The Royal Wedding

Monday, May 2, 2011

This is just some of the highlights of the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton:

Unfortunately, I missed this very special event as I have been very busy running around and doing errands before our trip. I really wanted to watch this wedding as it is very rare that true fairy tales will come true. Just like what the anchor of one of the news channel that I was able to see have mentioned, this will probably not happen in the next 30 years so it is like history and to be able to witness that history is just priceless.

But like what I said, I have been very busy lately. I might even require adult acne products as I am having acne breakouts again because of stress and lack of sleep. I still have a lot pf pending work to finish before our flight on Saturday, and then I have to finalize the details for Cobi’s birthday, plus I have to make a list of the things that I will ask my sister to take care for me while I am away and then I still have to do some shopping for the things that we will need for this trip. I haven’t even started packing for our stuff and packing if you are traveling with two kids in tow will probably be a big challenge.

But I have been to this road many times before and I am sure I will survive. LOL

Picture snagged from the British Monarchy's Flickr page.