Sienna: Another Alexa Inspired Bag

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I saw this from the blog of my good friend Aggie and I almost faint in excitement. LOL.

This is another Alexa inspired bag. Remember my Alexa wannabee bag from Charles & Keith? I am so obsessed with the Alexa bag after I saw and touch it in real life but unfortunately, I have no budget for a Mulberry bag in the next twenty years (LOL) so I am just contented with Alexa wannabees.

So when I saw the red and mustard Sienna bag, I quickly checked the site which sells these cutie and I am really so tempted to buy one as it is so cheap (only $62) and they even accept PayPal.

But I realized, I haven’t even used my Charles & Keith bag that much so there is really no need for me to buy another bag. But just want to share it here just in case somebody is looking for a nice and affordable Alexa inspired bag that they can buy.

Pictures snagged from MimiBoutique.

Top Picks Clothing

I am so loving Facebook because it is one of my favorite online shopping sites now. A lot of entrepreneurs are utilizing Facebook to broaden their market and I guess it is working since I am so hook to shopping good stuff from Facebook online sellers.

And just look at this cute stuff from Top Picks Clothing:

My good friend Joy referred me to this online seller and she sells nothing but good stuff. If only I am slimmer (that is why I am thinking to start using african mango extract to help me burn fat and suppress my appetite), I would have gone crazy and shop a lot of items from this online seller. Most of the dresses and skirts that I like will actually not look good on me as I still have my pregnancy belly.

Oh well, at least I can just use this as an inspiration so I can loose weight fast.

Picture snagged from Top Picks Facebook page.

Happy Camper

Last Thursday, I was able to drop by at the Globe Business Center in SM San Lazaro to pick up the replacement sim card of my husband. He lost his iPhone (again. LOL) and so we have to request for a new sim card for his existing number.

This is our third attempt to visit the Globe Business Center. On our first visit, there was a long queue (like 20 people before us) and it takes them more than 30 minutes to serve each customer. Since Bela and Cobi is with us, we decided to just come back some other time as for sure the kids will be bored if we have to wait for several hours.

On our second visit, they are offline so they can’t do anything to check hubby’s account and program his sim card.

So I was really lucky when I visited them for the third time as I only waited for 15 minutes max and my number was called right away. So I took the opportunity to request also for the change of my plan to My Super Plan.

Since I am under plan P1,800, I get free 12 hours of Mobile Surfing plus unlimited call and text to hubby’s number. Now if only we have good signal at home, then maybe I can maximize this freebies that I got. That is why I am thinking on getting home cell booster to improve the signal at home.

At least I can maximize my mobile surfing and I won’t miss any call or text which usually happens since we always have poor signal at home.

I am one happy camper.

JLo on American Idol

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am not a Jennifer Lopez fan. I know she made a lot of movies and recorded a lot of hits but I was never really interested with her. (Maybe I am just bitter because physically, she is just so perfect. And I really feel jealous when she became the girl friend of Ben Affleck. LOL).

But after seeing her in American Idol, I really fell in love with her. For one, I love the new style and fashion that she brings to the show.

Every episode, I so eagerly wait on what she will wear, what lipstick she will put on, what will be her hairstyle, etc as she never fails to really look stunning and beautiful in every week.

Then I also saw the soft side of her and how I can genuinely see that she cares for the contestants and how sincere she is and she is really taking her role as a judge seriously as she really gives good comments to the contestants that can help the contestants grow as an artist, as the next American Idol.

I was finally able to watch the latest episode and the more I fell in love with her. Now I can’t wait to see her on the next episode.

Photo Credit: Fan Pop and NY Daily News

Summer Fun

Summer is here and what’s the next word to summer? Beach…

We all love to go to the beach during summer time. So here is a quick checklist on how to enjoy your summer vacation at the beach:

• Before leaving for a long drive, check your vehicle – brake, gas, wheels, etc to be sure that it is running in top condition to avoid any hassle or accident during the drive.
• Make a list of all the things that you need to bring so you won’t forget anything
• Bring your sunglasses and sun screen. The heat of the sun is so bad these days that it is a good idea to protect your skin from its harmful rays by applying sunscreen.
• Bring enough food.
• Bring water toys for the kids like inflatable, floaters, water guns, and many more to keep the kids entertained as they enjoy the sand and the sun.
• And most importantly, pack loads of fun.

We Will Get By

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corelle plates
Home entertainment system
Electric Barbeque grill

These are just some of the nice to have items that we want for our new house. But since our budget is very limited (which I think will be the trend for the next three to five years), we have to set aside these nice to haves first and deal with the necessary like pendant lighting, a new living room set, double deck bed for the nannies, kitchen utensil, and more.

The list will go on and on I know because we don’t have that much things that we can bring from the old house. I just don’t know where else can we get the budget for this because our budget is just enough to pay for the monthly amortization plus the house hold expenses.

But I know we will be able to get by. With faith and hard work, I know we will.

American Idol Season 10

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yehey, I am so happy because now I can relate to the talks on twitter on the latest season of American Idol because I have episode one to fifteen of the latest season saved on my iPhone.

I was actually able to watch the first two episodes already (the auditions in New Jersey and New Orleans) and I just love the personalities of the new judges:

* Steve Tyler is just so cool and he really knows how to spot a good talent. I also find him so funny every time he is amazed at how weird some of the contestants are.
• I am really not a fan of Jennifer Lopez but I am starting to love her now that I can see her compassionate side in American Idol.
• And of course, nothing beats Randy Jackson.

After watching the first two episodes, I think this is going to be a very interesting season as they already got a brood of talented and very young contestants after only two auditions. So I can’t wait to see the next episodes and I am really curious to find out who will make it to the final 24 (I heard there is a number of Filipinos who made it to the Top 24).

Picture snagged from

Leave it to the Experts

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And once they evaluated that you as a victim, have the reason to file a claim, then you can rely on the expertise and knowledge of their lawyers to start with the case.

Filing for a claim for accidents and personal injury can be complicated and time consuming. And besides, the victims for sure are going through a lot and the stress of filing a case can be too much to bear for them already. That is why it is very important to just leave the legal aspects to the experts so the victims have nothing else to do but to recuperate from the accident or injury.

Old & New Nanny

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As I published in my previous post, we went looking for Bela’s iPod last week and as soon as we started looking for it and we can’t find it, one of my nannies reacted weirdly and she started to cry and react ed negatively as she assumed that we are all suspecting that it is her who took it.

I don’t know why she reacted that way and she even wanted to leave right then and there which got me into believing that maybe our suspicion is right and she is indeed guilty. So instead of trying to stop her, we just let her leave the house as hubby and I are really planning to release her anyways since she has been very inefficient and we are worrying for Bela’s safety because we learned that she is meeting different guys whom she just met through text at Bela’s school.

So last week, we have only one nanny but I am really thankful as she is very efficient and she was still able to manage the household and take care of Bela and Cobi. But she took a day off last Friday to Sunday so last weekend, it was just me, my mom and my kids as Howell was also working overtime that weekend. And the house was a total chaos. LOL. I was supposed to look for Keep Shoes for me but I can’t even sit down even for just a couple of minutes to go online as Bela and Cobi is really a handful.

But I am so glad and thankful because last Sunday, we already picked up the nanny that we got from Sister Flor where we also got my other nanny whom I love to bits.

Our new nanny looks efficient and reliable too like my other nanny so I am really hoping that they are the answer to my request to our Big Man up there which I have been praying for years now.

Longchamp's Limited Edition Le Pliage Tree of Life

Friday, March 4, 2011

I have seen this limited edition design of Long champ for Spring 2011 in one of the bag website that I am following. I love to collect the limited edition bags of Long Champ. In fact, I have 4 limited edition bags and I am addicted to collecting all of the limited edition styles that they release. But then when I saw this style dubbed as Le Pliage Arbre de Vie or Tree of Life, it did not actually leave a mark in my heart:

Well, I find it too flowery. LOL. Maybe for the girly, girly type, this will be a nice bag. But in case you are interested, you can get this limited edition bag from Magnums.

It comes in two colors: White and Navy but if you want the navy, you have to pre-order and it will be shipped within 4-6 weeks.

So if you like this bag, check out Magnums now as they say that their stocks are running low already.

On Their Special Day

I promised that I will be on a shopping ban since we really have to save for the big financial challenge that we will face this year. But I know I should not have any reason not to look for inexpensive fathers day gift ideas for the two most important men in my life, my dad and my husband.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without my dad. Because of his unconditional love for us, his children, I believe I have grown to be a fine woman. All that I am right now, I owe my father.

My husband on the other hand has been the perfect husband to me and the best father my children can ever have. He is so loving, responsible, kind, generous, and patient. I guess all the nice adjectives that I can think of will fit him.

And so on their special day, I am thinking of getting them something special that will make them feel important and appreciated as a dad. Just look at some of the things that I am looking for them: