Technology and Its Impact to People

Friday, December 30, 2011

Are we all certain how education is very important to anyone of us? Surely, education is one of our basic needs just like the food and clothing. Though we can survive without education for a day or week, its effect will most probably take place in the future. As what we can observe, people who are very fortunate enough to graduate and finish their degree have more chances of having a job. Just think of how you are going to work and deal with other people if you don’t know how to read, write and communicate well with other people.

Indeed, education is very much important to us. In fact, having a good quality of education is part of every human’s rights. It is very essential that we know a lot of things because this will help us in the future. No matter how small you’ve started, you will be able to reach your goals in the future because you are very capable with a lot of things. There are only few people who succeed even without proper education and that is because they persevered and worked hard enough to attain their achievements.

Today, as we discuss education, we have a new application designed to promote the importance and standard of education. As our technology advances, we also have advanced technologies that offer education even without going to school. This open source learning management system works in cyber environment and that includes the use of the most powerful and most commonly used technology today, which is the Internet. Its main focus is to provide education to students who prefer to study at home or any place that is more comfortable for them.

You may start wondering how this learning management system works and perhaps most of you have doubts with its effectiveness. But what most people don’t know is that, it has proven to be very effective because it offers many programs and courses just like in any other school. All students enrolled in the said system are capable of getting in touch with other people and they are also encouraged to join and participate with the various programs offered by lms.

Furthermore, every activity done by an individual is being tracked and reported so as to monitor their progress and let them know the things that need improvement. Likewise, both the students and instructors have the opportunity to use the available teaching materials such as video chat, forums, online chat e-mail service and more as they continue with the completion of their courses. With these tools, students will feel at ease and comfortable while they are studying and they will be able to feel that they are in a normal campus.

Evaluation sheets, certificates completes, courses taken, examinations and attendance are the very basis of the records. These are the main activities that will be tracked by the system to see if the students are making a progress in the courses that they are currently taking. People need not to worry because everything will be documented and presented to every students and instructors.

Now we can further say that technology leaves a very big impact to every individual because it even gives importance to matters like education. It has moved every people and that’s why we are somehow dependent with a lot of technologies now. This is the very reason why people are still looking forward for more innovations because they can see the benefits that will indeed help them for almost everyday. We always want instant and quicker solutions because as a person, we also value our time and indeed, technology helps us to save time and energy in many ways possible.