Prepare your Clothing Racks, Bills, and Old Stuff: Tips for Running a Successful Garage Sale

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My husband and I are planning to have a garage sale so we can sell the old clothes and stuff that we have that we no longer use. Since we move to our new home, my husband and I realized that we have a lot of clutter that we no longer use and it is time for us to learn to let go so we can free up some space in our new home and hopefully collect some funds from the sale to buy new items for our new house.

So how do you organize a successful garage sale?

First and foremost is that you should dedicate time (a month or more before the scheduled garage sale) to look around the house for possible things that you can sell. Do not leave anything behind as who knows, someone might still be interested to buy it. The only thing that you should not include in the garage sale and should go straight to the trash can or recycling bin are broken items or stuff that has missing parts.

Once you have gathered all the stuff for sale, schedule a day or two during the weekend for the sale. Organize the stuff and group similar items like CDs, furniture’s, toys, clothes, shoes, etc. so clients will not have a hard time check out your stuff. For the clothes, it is better to hang them using Clothing Hangers on racks. This is better than putting them in one pile as Clothing Racks allows people to have a good view of the clothes that you are selling so they can choose better and this can help generate more sales for you.

It is also advisable to put price tags so people walking in the garage sale can immediately see the prices per items to convince them to buy something from the sale. Prepare also lots of coins and dollar bills so you can easily provide change as customer pays.

Prepare also plastic retail shopping bags where you can put items bought by customers.

I am sure by following these steps, our planned garage sale will be a success.