Night Out with my Girl Friends

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last December 27, I met up with my best buddies from college. Two of them came home to Manila for a vacation during the holiday season and thanks to Facebook, we were able to get in touch with each other including our other friends whom we haven’t seen since we graduated from college.

We met up at Trinity in Macapagal. Jean, together with her husband and son fetched Vanessa and her kids in Pasay and Myra and her family in Valenzuela before heading to Trinity. My family and I with Carol’s family went to Macapagal together and we arrive there around 8 PM (as always, Carol and I are the last one who arrived. LOL).

Vanessa, Myra and Jean already went to the market to buy the ingredients and when we arrived, the food is already cooking.

We had a very good dinner and we were really able to catch up with old times. We were laughing so hard as we reminisce our crazy college days. It was too noisy at Trinity as we were seated outside where there is a band so we decided to move to Starbucks after dinner.

Dinner & coffee w/ my college friends. Last time I saw some of them was during our graduation

We continued our chika at Starbucks and if only Starbucks were not closing, we could have stayed there the whole night to just chat and reminisce.

Vanessa and Carol will be flying back to Qatar and Singapore this week and we wish them a safe flight back. For us who were left here in Manila, hope we can schedule another get together soon.

It was a very fun night out with my girl friends. It was nice seeing you all again.