Melissa is Love

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My sister and I love Melissa shoes because it is so comfy and their styles are so fashionable (and not to mention it smells really nice too). That is why every time I have money to splurge for shoes, it always is a pair of Melissa.

So would you call us addicts if we say that we own these Melissa shoes?

Melissa is Love
Majority of the shoes on pile belong to my sister because shoes are really one of her addictions. That is why when she had an opportunity to grab these Melissa shoes on a discount (like almost 50% discount), she did not think twice and ordered more than 5 shoes for her (let’s say the range is from 5-15. LOL).

This is good news for me as we are the same size and this means I now have more Melissa shoes too as I can borrow hers anytime. In fact I am wearing one right now and I love it. I am convincing her to get more (and I have a hidden agenda so I will have more options to choose from if I need to borrow any of her Melissa shoes. LOL).