A Little Short? Try One of These 6 Great Ways to Uncover Some Green

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Image courtesy Flickr.com

Having some trouble making ends meet? Finding ways to earn a little extra cash is a great way to pad out your piggy bank should a rainy day show up, and that rainy day could be unexpected bills, an issue with the car, or new (“Didn’t I tell you?”) shoes for ballet class. Taking in extra money each month is also a great way to save for something you want but can’t finagle with your current budget (those gorgeous shoes, perhaps?). How exactly can you uncover a little more green each month? Here are six ideas that won’t make you a millionaire, but will help pad your pockets:

1. Raid Your Closet
The closet is a great first stop in your quest for cash. Pick out items you know you’re not likely to wear or use again, price them reasonably, and put them on a free classifieds site like Craig's List. Pictures will improve your chances for a sale, so pull out the camera. Don’t forget the attic, the basement, those boxes of junk, or a child’s forgotten toy collection.

2. Try Your Hand at Freelance
Gifted with excellent grammar? Have a design degree? Skilled with your digital camera? Try leasing out your skill by taking on a freelance gig here and there. Websites that advertise opportunities can be found online, and your friends or family members may know of a possibility too.

3. Tap into Your Skills and Talents
Are you a fabulous gardener? A superb baker? Can you explain math so well everyone always gets it? Everyone has skills and talents, and the trick is finding out what yours are and how you can make them work for you. Offer tutoring, in home classes to groups, or music lessons. Great with a camera? Take portraits in people’s homes or sell your photos to stock image companies.

4. Sell What You Create
You know those knitted scarves you’ve run out of friends to make them for? Maybe it’s time you sold those lovely creations for some cash. From knitted toys to jewelry to your prized piccalilli, if you have a hobby, you can take your creations to Etsy and spread the word to friends and family.

Image courtesy flickr.com

5. Provide a Little Service
Didn’t your neighbor mention they hate cleaning their house? Or their poor dog they just don’t have time to walk? A little service here and there can add up to a tidy payoff. Offer to clean neighbor’s houses, mow lawns, wash cars, walk dogs, or even help with secretarial needs.

6. Send out the SOS
Some cash needs come out of nowhere, so conventional methods like those above may not pay off as up front as you need. When emergencies arise, seek assistance from trusted sources like friends and family, or find out about small installment loans such as those at Great Plains Lending installent loans online. You can always use the other five ideas to help pay back a willing friend.