Christmas Rush is Really Here

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Busy Christmas month + Rain

Not a very good combination.

This was the situation last night as it was raining the whole day yesterday and so it was really a bad idea that I went to the mall after the party that I attended at PGH yesterday to shop. There were also a lot of sale going on so the mall was really crowded.

So before I get stranded on the road, I just decided to look for reading glasses (as I really need one after my cornea got infected when I had conjunctivitis) and went out of the mall and head straight home after buying one. I realized we would be going back to the mall anyways the next day so that is where I will do my shopping then.

We are scheduled to leave early today to go to The Block or Eastwood, as I need to check for Bela’s Christmas outfit. I need to look one for hubby and me too and we only have until 4 PM to shop, as we will have visitors in the afternoon for my office friends’ annual Christmas party.

So it will be a very busy (and tiring day) for us so wish us luck.