Vegas Trip

Friday, November 25, 2011

I was browsing through my online albums and I chanced upon this picture taken several years back when my husband and I first went to Las Vegas, thanks to our friend Jacq and Neil who took us there for a three day vacation from Los Angeles.

We just went back to Las Vegas last May and I was with my mom, my husband and two kids. We were not able to go around the hotels and play, as we don’t have enough time as we spent the whole day in Grand Canyon and another whole day in the Outlet Store. And besides, I was with my two kids during that trip and for sure they will not be allowed to loiter in the game area.

I love the trill and excitement that Las Vegas brings that is why we chose it over San Francisco when we last went to the US. Although we were not really able to enjoy it as we have two toddlers in tow so our activity were all kid friendly. But if I will be able to go back to Las Vegas again without my kids, this will be my itinerary:

• I will try my luck and gamble as they say that a Vegas trip will not be complete without this (that is why when we last went to Las Vegas, I just tried playing online and I was even to get no deposit casino bonus as I was really frustrated that we were not able to set our foot in the casino. LOL).
• Watch at least one Cirque du Soleil show. We were able to watch Cirque when they went here in Manila and I was not really blown away by the performance. Maybe it is because I was expecting more after hearing all the raves about it so I would like to see the show in Las Vegas with hopes that it will finally meet my expectation.
• Go bar hoping.