Tips on How to Lower Cholesterol

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Her digital blood pressure monitor has been my mom’s constant companion. She carries it everywhere she goes as she constantly need to monitor her blood pressure as it can surge instantly if she does something like eat food that is high in cholesterol or if she is stressed out or if she tires herself too much.

Just like during the holiday season when we just eat and eat anything served on the table, my mom’s blood pressure has always been high as she can’t control herself from eating foods that are high in cholesterol and we did not really stop her as we don’t want to ruin the festive mood during our holiday celebrations.

But my mom is almost in her 60s already and so I told her that it is really time for her to look after her health. Her first step should be to look for ways on How to lower cholesterol level so she can maintain a normal blood pressure every time. She should also start to alter her lifestyle and avoid stressful activities. Her diet plan should also be change so she will just take healthy foods that are low in cholesterol like fish, fruits and vegetables.

Another way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by taking supplements like Krill Oil and Acai Berry. Acai Berry is a fruit that is rich in antioxidant and is said to help prevent heart diseases as it flush out bad toxins from the body which can help lower the cholesterol levels.

I told my mom that she better have discipline if she wants to fulfill her dreams of seeing all her grand children grow. And I am glad she is trying her best to follow the things that I suggested to her.