Fino Satchel Bag

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A friend from work who shares the same passion for bags like I do, knows that I am dying to own one of the Cambridge Satchel bag and so she excitedly told me about the Satchel bag that Fino Leatherware recently released. She said that it was really beautiful and knowing that it is from Fino guarantees that it is good quality leather.

I have not gotten a chance to visit the Fino branch in Robinson’s to check out how it looks in real life so I just Googled it and I learned that it comes in a really nice green color. I snagged this picture from the blog of The Bright Spot @

The price of the bag though is steep, retailing at P15,000 which is more than double than the price of a Cambridge bag and even triple than the price of the School of Satchel (SOS) bag that I am eyeing to buy as my Christmas present for myself.