Big C

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I was deeply affected when I learned from a friend that her good friend died a few days ago from Cancer. It was a late diagnosis and they just found out about the disease when it was already in Stage 4 and there is nothing much that the doctor can do as the cancer cells has spread already.

I can relate to the pain that the family is suffering. Big C is one of my biggest fears as my aunt died from Cancer too a few years ago. It was also detected during its late stage but she was still able to go through chemotherapy. My aunt was really worried that they will deplete the remaining funds they have in the bank which my aunt would like to allocate for the education of her kids. My aunt was able to go through a complete round of chemotherapy but unfortunately, after only a few months, she had a remission.

She decided not to go through another round of chemo as she knows that her time is up and it is too costly for the family. My aunt is a fighter and I know, she would have wanted to fight till the end for her family but it is her body that is giving up already.

Thankfully, her kids were still able to finish college after their mom passed away. They did not have to worry about the medical bills as they contacted TotalBankruptcy to talk to a lawyer for bankruptcy so they will know their options to file for bankruptcy for their unsecured debt and get a debt discharge.

Thanks to TotalBankruptcy, the remaining money left was then allocated to the education of my aunt’s two kids instead of paying for medical bills that they have incurred because of my aunt’s hospitalization.