Tips on Managing your Citibank Credit Cards

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do you often use your credit card? I do. It is convenient for me as I don’t have to carry cash with me everywhere I go which is safer for me as a shopper. But if you use your citibank credit cards for almost all your purchases, you should also know how to manage them so you will not incur debt that you can’t pay.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your credit card while still maximizing its full benefits like the best credit card deals that it offers:

1. Using credit cards is very convenient that you will be tempted to swipe and swipe every time you want to purchase something. But it is important that you track your spending so you will not spend more than what you can pay for on the due date. By doing this, you will be avoiding interest that credit card companies charge to your overdue balances on your card.
2. As related to Tip # 1, you should also be paying more than minimum amount or if possible, the full balance on your credit card on the due date. This will not only give you a good credit standing, but will help you avoid paying for high interest and finance charges.
3. Try to limit your credit card. Although going through the credit card application is very easy, don’t grab every credit card that is being offered to you. Limiting your credit cards will make it easy for you to manage your finances.