RIP: Steve Jobs

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am a late bloomer when it comes to Apple products. I only had my first Apple product a year ago when I bought my iPhone. I was choosing between a Blackberry, a Nokia Phone and iPhone and I finally decided to try Steve Jobs’ inventions and since then I became a convert.

After my iPhone, I traded my HP Netbook and got a second hand Mac Book and now I want the Mac Book Air. LOL.

I was hesitant before to try Apple’s products as their prices are really steep but after using it I realized that you got value from what you are paying for.

That is why when I learned of the news of the passing of Steve Jobs, I was really affected. He is a genius, a great man who inspired us to “Think Differently.” I may not know him personally, but his life, starting from when he was adapted, to the time when he dropped out of College and then he started Apple in his garage, then got kicked out of his own company to his battle for cancer. Steve Jobs' life is really full of stories that you can learn a lot from.

Yes, I am affected by his loss. Up to know I am saddened by his death, thus this is my wallpaper now:

My Desktop Wallpaper. Ako pa din ang affected
I also made a Guest Post in honor of him here: RIP Steve Jobs.Thanks for the inspiration, for your innovative ideas. Indeed, life is better because of Steve Jobs.