PLDT DSL - Back after 8 days

Friday, October 7, 2011

After 8 days of being offline because of a problem with our PLDT DSL connection, they were finally able to restore our connection last Tuesday.

We lost our landline and Internet connection Monday morning before Typhoon Pedring. I forgot to pay our bill and so I thought that our line was disconnected. So I paid immediately that morning hoping that our connection will be restored ASAP. I was told that processing time for reconnection is 24-48 hours, which I find really unacceptable as I know that their system is already digital so they can easily activate it after I pay, right? But I did not argue anymore so I just accepted it if that is really their SOP.

After 2 days, we still have no landline and DSL and when I reported it with PLDT, it was only then that they scheduled line testing and I was told to wait for another 24-48 hours as that is their processing time for their line check.

After 2 days, still no connection and I were informed that there was a major cable problem and they have to replace the cables. I was asking their CSR on the schedule of the visit of the technician to the site and she can’t give me an answer, as they have to coordinate it first with the concerned department. Every time I asked her a question, she will respond with “Alright Ma’am.” I asked her a question and all I get is “Alright” which I don’t think is an acceptable answer for a client who has been inconvenience for almost a week now.

I know their job is difficult, like those who have Reservations Clerk Jobs, as they deal with different clients and sometimes irate and frustrated clients like me, but what I am asking them is not rocket science so they should at least give me a convincing answer, right? There was even one CSR who answered me in a much frustrated tone than mine, when I kept on nagging him on when our connections will be restored.

And so I thought SMART’s customer service sucks. But now my husband and I are thinking to discontinue our DSL connection with PLDT and go back to SMART.

But at least our connections are back and hope that nothing like this will happen again.