The Birth of Sweet Royals: Our Candy/Dessert Station

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am so excited for the business that my cousins, siblings and I are embarking.

My niece just celebrated her 1st birthday last October 2 and my sister-in-law created this special Candy Buffet Station with the help of her brother, for her daughter’s special day:

I did not know of this and when I saw it at the party, I thought that it was ordered from a supplier as it was professionally done. Did you notice the alternating color of the Choco Balls? The brother of my sister-in-law painstakingly arranged the choco balls one by one so it will look really nice.

So we figured, this could be a good business venture as there are not much suppliers who offer this service. And that is how Sweet Royals were born. That Saturday after the party, we had a meeting at our place to conceptualize the name of our business, the packages that we will offer and how to strategize to market our business.

We are all excited. I am already preparing my digital camera and my olympus camera batteries for our next event so I can capture more pictures so we will have lots to upload to the website/blog that we plan to put up to promote this business.

I will be doing a setup at Bela’s school next week for the Country Fair as part of their United Nations celebration and I am so excited. Hope I will be able to pull this off.

Sweet Royals now offer different packages to suit your budget. So just leave me a message here or contact me through: 0917-5842934 so we can respond to all your inquiries.